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DeafDigest Blue – September 27, 2009

DeafDigest Blue - September 27, 2009

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ASL Videos of the Week:


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News of the Week:

   The Gallaudet football team defeated Castleton
49-18 today and is off to to a 2-2 record.


   Last week DeafDigest mentioned HR 3200, a
bill on Capitol Hill, which would give doctors
the authority to make infant hearing decisions,
meaing forcing CI on them, and that there is a
struggle between pro-CI and anti-CI factions.
   Well, what about it? DeafDigest does not 
recommend HR 3200 as a bed time reading material.
   Why? This bill is over 1,000 pages. Complained
Rep. Bill Posey, R-FL:

it takes congressmen few days to read and to 
understand what CI and deafness is all about


   Surprised is the reaction on the announcement
that 9 disabled community representatives met up
with Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder last
   Not surprised that there was a meeting; surprised
that just ONE representative from the deaf 
community was at the meeting. That sole representative,
on behalf of the NAD is Jeff Rosen.
   The deaf community is so diverse; we need
viewpoints from other sectors - oral, hard of hearing,
late deafened, and so on. The deaf (ASL) is just one 
of these deafness-related sectors.
   Anyway the meeting focused on how would Holder's office
enforce our rights and needs.


   If you appreciate photography (and also like
sports), do pick up a copy of the September 28th
edition of Sports Illustrated.
   There is a two-page spread of California
football player Jahvid Best. He is not deaf.
   What about it? The photographer who took the picture
is Michael Pimentel. He is deaf.


   Lawsuits tend to drag on endlessly in the court
system. It was not too long time ago when Ohio State
University was sued for not providing captions on
its video boards and on TV sets in the concourse
   Well, instead of defending itself, the university
immediately hired a captioning company to start
captions, effective immediately.
   DeafDigest is not sure what has become of the
filed lawsuit?


Mill Neck Family's Fall Harvest Festival
October 10 & 11; 9 am to 5 pm
Mill Neck, NY

Mill Neck Family's Fall Harvest Festival annually brings the 
best of the autumn season to Long Island. 

This year's Festival, to be held on October 10 and 11 from 
9 am to 5 pm, at 40 Frost Mill Rd. in Mill Neck, NY,
will be better than ever. 

Also known as the Apple Fest, the event features a wide 
variety of apples, crafts, grilled bratwurst, a Cheese House, 
baked goods, fudge and strudels, a full-line of famous 
Karl Ehmer wurst and bacon products, a "Gourmet Shop", 
apple cider, a popular children's activities area and more. 

In addition, visitors can also participate in a successful 
50/50 Raffle. Tickets are $10 each, and the winner receives 
half of all money collected. 

Last year's winner took home over $10,000! 

There will also be opportunities to learn about the Deaf, 
Mill Neck Manor's School and its services. 

The Festival showcases the latest in Deaf technology, sign 
language novelty items and books. For more information, 


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Attention - Deaf and Hearing Poker Players
The 5th Annual Las Vegas World Deaf Poker Tournament

Saturday, October 10, 2009, 10 am, at the world's famous and 
historical Binion's Gambling Hall. 

The popular "no limit, Texas hold'em" will be played. 

Hearing players are invited.
Binion's Gambling Hall is known to be the first to host the 
World Series of Poker. They have two floors of poker
tables which indicates they are the best in what they do. 

They have installed up to date TV monitors and other features 
to make this tournament a dream.
Ask any of the previous players and fans from the past 4 years 
how they enjoyed the experience. They will tell you how exciting 
it was.
This year will be better. For example, based on 300 entries, 
1st place winner will receive $27,000.
Las Vegas is designated as the Poker Capital of the world. There 
is no place in the world like it.
Southern Nevada Silver Knights is a non-profit 501 c-3 
organization and all of the volunteers are serving without

All net proceeds will go to charities to provide aid and welfare 
to the deaf communities in need.
To access our web site for registrations, etc, go to
Doors will be open for pre-paid and on site payments and 
registration on Friday at 6 pm and Saturday at 6 am.

Tournament will start at 10 am Saturday, October 10, 2009.
We are looking forward to see all of you in Las Vegas for 
many exciting poker experiences


   A DeafDigest subscriber, when entering a busy restaurant,
always gives his name as "deaf" on the sign up chart.
   When the "deaf" name comes up, the hostess knows it is
a deaf person and will tell him that his table is ready.
   He was afraid that if he gave the hostess his name,
he may overlook the lipreading when the hostess shouts
the name.

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   Every year 6,000 new words join the 
Japanese dictionary.
   This means the average of 16 or 17 new words
per day.
   Do the deaf in Japan invent new signs for these
new words every day?

- for ASL News version, please click on:

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   DeafDigest editor was walking in downtown Washington,
DC when he spotted a discarded magazine on a park bench.
   The magazine was titled "Wisconsin Silent Sports"
thus startling DeafDigest editor.
   Thinking it may be deaf-related sports in the state of
Wisconsin, he picked up the copy and read it. This
magazine has nothing to do with the deaf; it focuses
on running, cycling, and other outdoor activities.
   But why the word "silent"? And by the way, there
is an organization in Wisconsin - Wisconsin Deaf Sports


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   Many states have regional programs for the deaf.
Not all regional programs are the same.
   Said a retired educator of the deaf:

Philosophies differ from school to school; some schools
believe in using ASL or conceptually accurate sign English,
whereas other schools believe in using SEE signs. And if
both schools are within the same region, then both will
have nothing to do with each other 

   Very sad!


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   We have some deaf people very interested in Deaf
   What is their biggest regret? That they never had
a chance to interview older deaf individuals on
certain subjects. And when they depart us, their
pieces of Deaf History are gone forever!


   Noise is noise; Deaf Noise or Hearing Noise;
no difference.
   There was a story a while back of a deaf club
in Great Britain denied license for evening
entertainment on grounds of noise.
   The story did not say if other hearing clubs
in the same British neighborhood were granted
(or denied) the entertainment license?
   Makes DeafDigest wonder if there is a difference
between Deaf Noise and Hearing Noise?


(short series; based on comments by educators
and deaf service professionals)

these counselors for the deaf, with no guidelines
to work with, often make decisions that may not
be in the best interests of their deaf students

(series to continue until it runs out)


being asked:

how long have you known your deaf client?

if you have these "hate" or "horror" stories, please


One of the most important pieces of equipment that every 
stenocaptioner or steno CART provider owns is a steno

The machines that captioners and CART providers use are 
the same machines that court reporters use.   

Most people have seen pictures or videos of a court 
reporter's machine on TV or in the movies.  You probably
have seen paper coming out that may look like adding 
machine tape to some people.

New steno machines may or may not use paper.  All the 
steno note information can now be stored electronically. 

Captioners and CART providers really have no need for the 
paper notes, but some court reporters still insist on
having the paper notes to maintain as their permanent 

Captioners may have the same sorts of feelings about 
their steno machines as other people have about their 

Some people upgrade every couple of years and want the 
latest and greatest with all the bells and whistles, while
others keep theirs for years and just hate to part with 
them even when they have "lots of miles" on them.  


weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at:

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I love to travel and that means, I need to change
jobs. But each time I change jobs I need to adapt to
the workplace culture in my new job.

(series to continue for a number of weeks)


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................................................................  announcement


Persons who are Deaf, Deafblind and hard of hearing are
grossly underserved by both the physical health and the 
behavioral health care system.  In many  cases, the patient 
as well as the health care provider who may provide service 
to them, is unaware of laws that mandate the provision of 
accommodations in the health care setting so that all
persons have equal access to health related information.

A new web site called
was created by people who are Deaf, DeafBlind and hard 
of hearing.  

Each month the topics discussed will change.
Please visit the site and let us know about topics that you 
want to learn more about.


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!

   Hearing-aid users that hail cabs in New York
will feel blessed while riding to their destinations.
   New York is the first American city that will
require all taxi cabs to be outfitted with induction
   No longer would the hard of hearing passenger
and the harried cabbies face communication barriers!


The Deaf and the Law

Happens too often

Deaf employee files lawsuit after being denied promotion,
saying he is being discriminated against

Employer says deaf employee lacks experience

This is why we have lawyers and courts


DeafADA Issue of the Week:

   ADA does not exist in India. And see
this scenario, which is true -

deaf individuals that wish for civil service
careers are not able to do so.


because they do not have college degrees which is
a civil service requirement.

why cannot they attend hearing colleges?

because there are no interpreters to help them!

Catch 22? Yes!


The Captioning Blunder of the Week:

the accountants looked at the bought elm (bottom) line


What became of?

   Myron H. Weinberger, who is "very" deaf (115dB),
is a professor of Medicine and Director for the
Hypertension Research Center at the Indiana University
School of Medicine. He was recently elected as Vice
President of the American Society of Hypertension and
will be honored with The Page-Bradley Lifetime
Achievement Award of the American Heart Society in

Myron H. Weinberger

- past professor, Medicine & Director, Hypertension 
Research Center, Indiana University School of Medicine

- present
Professor Emeritus of Medicine

he is deaf with "past" and
"present" details


News of the Week - Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

   The DEAFDIGEST dedicates this issue in memory of
Ernest Marshall, Bronx, NY, a pioneering deaf film
maker who passed away at the age of 89.
   A house painter by vocation, but by avocation he
was many things and much more - a film maker, an
entertainer, a raconteur, a loyal deaf club member,
and what have you.
   A colorful character, Ernest epitomized what deaf
culture was all about - these Friday and Saturday
night gatherings at various New York deaf social clubs.
Despite never holding a driver's license he rode the
subway - a long ride from Bronx to the Long Island
Club of the Deaf in Queens for his weekly chore
as projectionist of Friday night captioned movies.
He retired from this chore after featuring the 1000th
   He harbored a life-long regret - never being able
to attend Gallaudet University. He wanted to, and he
was academically able, but unfortunately family money
just wasn't there in the depression years.
   He served as a School of Hard Knocks mentor to
the DEAFDIGEST editor way back in the early sixties.
   Thank you very much, Ernest for your huge
contributions to the Deaf Culture.


News of the Week - Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

   Rochester is one up on all of us as far as Deaf
Awareness Week is concerned.
   For one day earlier this week, Steve DeBottis,
a deaf resident of Rochester, co-anchored a local TV
news program in sign language with the interpreter
voicing out his signs.
   It was not a five-minute session as was the way
during the seventies when we were exposed to these
quickie sign language news programs. It was an
all day session.
   Steve must have come home that night pretty much
exhausted but with the mission very well accomplished.


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

   For some reason some bands, especially those in
Great Britain, would name themselves Deaf with some
other name.
   An example would be Deaf School. The members of
these "deaf" bands are not deaf; perhaps it is a way
of conveying the message that their rock music is 
so loud it renders everyone deaf.
   Anyway, with reference to the Deaf School band,
a newspaper story said it has "35 years of
   One would read the headline and think Deaf
School has come up with great innovations in the
education of the deaf for the past 35 years.
But no, it is 35 years of musical innovations.


A Vocational Rehabilitation counselor's great news:

The company that wanted to compete against VR with very big plans
to steal your customers goes out of business.


A Lipreading Problem: What did that person say?


actually if you are a frequent Starbucks patron, and purchase
a carton of beans, you, being deaf, will anticipate the question

do you want it to be ground?

other than Starbucks, forget it!

(both words look the same when you try to lipread)

if you have lipreading tales, please share these with



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Seeking Applicants For
Full-time Web Developer
Rochester Institute of Technology
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Rochester, NY

(professional staff position)

The RIT/NTID Marketing Communications department seeks a full-time 
Web developer to create online marketing content and applications 

- Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, 
new media or related field

- Two to three years experience in Web design and development 

- Strong PHP programming skills

- Experience building database-driven websites with semantic, 
standards-based XHTML and CSS

For a detailed job description and to apply, visit the RIT Career Zone 
at and enter IRC31727 
or select National Technical Institute for the Deaf in the 
College/Division section. 

Review of applicants will continue until position is filled.

All applicants must apply online.

We are seeking individuals who are committed to contributing to 
RIT's core values, honor code and statement of diversity. 

People who are deaf or hard of hearing are strongly encouraged 
to apply. 

For more information about RIT/NTID, visit http?// 


Job Announcements
Indiana School for the Deaf
Indianapolis, IN

The Indiana School for the Deaf currently has job 
openings/postings for the following positions:

Job                                   Posting #        Closing Date 

Spoken English Specialist            565220     09/28/2009             
Residential Adviser Intermittent (2) 565218 &   09/28/2009

 (#) = number of jobs available for that position.

Applicants must submit an Indiana State Application via the Indiana
State Personnel website at  

If you have any questions please contact Carole Morgan in our Human
Resources Department via telephone (317/920-6340 v/tty) or E-Mail:   

Mission Statement-The Indiana School for the Deaf Community promotes
academic and social excellence for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students
through a Bilingual/Bicultural environment. 



Job Announcements
The Mill Neck Manor Family of Organizations
Mill Neck, NY

The Mill Neck Manor Family of Organizations provides services to 
people who are Deaf and/or communicatively impaired in the areas of 
education, employment, and ministry.  We are seeking bright, energetic 
professionals to become part of our team.  We are an equal opportunity 

The following positions are available:

- Physical Therapist
Leave Replacement
Position Available, 9/8/09 to 1/29/10

Candidate must possess a valid Physical Therapist License from the 
State of New York, Excellent communication skills, proven ability to 
work as part of a team. Knowledge of Sign Language a plus. Candidate 
will plan, organize, and conduct physical therapy in a school setting 
to facilitate development and rehabilitation with school-age children.

- School Psychologist P/T (Three days per week)

Part time position available.  Candidate must possess a MA degree in 
School Psychology and hold certification.  Prior experience in 
testing pre-school to high-school children.  Excellent writing skills 
and proven ability to work as part of a team.  Knowledge of American 
Sign Language a plus.

- Art Teacher

Candidate must possess a MA in Special Education or Deaf Education, 
Certification in Art, excellent communication skills, and fluency in 
American Sign Language.  Successful prior experience working in a 
school setting a plus.  

- Employment Consultant/Job Coach

Mill Neck Services is looking for qualified full-time/part-time job 
coaches to provide supportive employment services for multiply 
disabled deaf adults.  Work with clients through all phases of job 
search through on-the-job training.  Must be fluent in American Sign 
Language.  Provide case management services as needed.  Assumes 
responsibility for consumer files, maintaining appropriate records, 
and relevant materials. Communicate with employers and other parties 
on an as-needed basis. Candidate must possess at least an AA/AS 
degree. Fluency in American Sign Language required. Valid driver's 
license and dependable car needed.

- Part Time Rehabilitation Workers

Provide one-on-one training to Deaf, developmentally disabled adults.  
Responsibilities include working on individualized goals with the 
consumer in his/her community; writing brief case notes describing 
habilitation contacts and attending trainings as required.  All 
contacts are generally in the evening or on weekends.  Some college 
desirable. Driver's license and dependable car a must.

Please send resume and letter of intent to:        

Kathleen Lagalante
Mill Neck Manor Family of Organizations 
Frost Mill Road, 
P.O. Box 12 
Mill Neck, N.Y.  11765

Or fax to: (516) 922-0093


Job Announcement
Job Title:  Executive Director
Employer:   Southwest Washington Center of the Deaf and Hard of
            Hearing, Inc. (SWCDHH) 
Vancouver, Washington

Job Description:

These responsibilities include management of personnel and
services: implementation of Board policies; communication with the
public, Board and community; program development; fundraising; data
collection and fulfilling state reporting requirements; and direct
client services to provide mentoring, advocacy, community access, and
information and referral.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Knowledge and Abilities Desired:
- Thorough familiarity with the American Deaf culture and issues
facing Deaf and Deaf-Blind consumers is required.

- Full knowledge of the special needs and issues of those who are
Hard of Hearing.

- An understanding of the current issues related to Deaf,
Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing consumers accessing public and social
services, in addition to familiarity with laws and regulations
pertaining to Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing consumers.

- Demonstrated knowledge of budgeting concepts and practices,
knowledge of personnel management practices and knowledge of the
social service delivery system.

- Proven ability/skills with grant writing.

Minimum Qualifications/Required Skills:
- A Bachelor's degree in Social Services, Counseling,
Psychology, or a related field; a Master's degree is preferred

- Experience in providing social services to the Deaf, Deaf-Blind
and Hard of Hearing (3 years) with supervisory experience (1 year)

- Fluency in American Sign Language

- Good communication skills including presentations and report

Salary and benefits based upon qualifications and experience.

SWCDHH is an equal opportunity employer; people with disabilities 
and minorities are encouraged to apply.

TO APPLY:  Please submit cover letter, resume, and list of 3
professional references by regular mail or email.

Deadline:  October 15, 2009


ATTN: Search Committee - Executive Committee
PO Box 871268
Vancouver, WA 98687


For more information, contact John Burke (Board Chairman) at


position opening
Independent Living Advisor
Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc
Salisbury, Maryland

Full/Part Time

Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc. is a growing organization 
that promotes access to services and resources for residents of the
Eastern Shore of Maryland who are deaf or hard of hearing and 
provides opportunities for full participation in all aspects of
community life.

Responsibilities: Provide training in independent living skills, 
such as: teaching personal and household management, budgeting 
skills, TTY training, accessing and utilizing communication 
resources, medication administration and developing community 

Requirements: Fluency in American Sign Language and written 
English, High School degree required. Demonstrates competency 
in independent living skills, Valid driver's license required 
and good driving record. Flexibility in working hours required.

Benefits: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Pension, Life, 
Vacation, sick and personal leave, Healthy Lifestyle Benefit

To Apply: Submit a cover letter, resume and three letters of 
references to :          

Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc.
Human Resources Department
806 Snow Hill Road
Salisbury, Maryland 21804

or fax to 410-543-4874.

Position is open until filled


Special notes:

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