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DeafDigest Gold – July 26, 2009

DeafDigest Gold - July 26, 2009

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News of the Week

   Physical Education has always been part of the agenda
at Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD). And now, it is being
greatly enhanced, thanks to a $110,000 grant, called
   What is the difference between traditional Physical
Education and PROJECT D.E.A.F.?
   A RSD spokesman said:

PROJECT D.E.A.F. is simply a major enhancement to existing 
physical education, wellness and fitness classes at RSD for 
students. In addition to traditional class offerings, deaf 
students will have more focused and accessible choices, 
like kayaking, rock climbing and new technology allowing 
students to assess and monitor their own, custom fitness 


   Reality TV makeover programs are popular with the
viewing audience. But not all makeovers are on TV;
one such non-TV makeover is greatly benefitting the
Clarke School for the Deaf.
   It is the Whalley Computer Associates announcing
Clarke as the winner of the Virtual Technology Makeover 
   What this means is the school will be getting loads
of computer equipment earmarked for classroom 


   Jumping on the Newborn Hearing Screening is the
province of Quebec.
   Mandatory testing of all newborns in Quebec
will start in the fall of 2010.
   DeafDigest wonders why cannot it start now,
instead of waiting more than a year? At any rate
better to have this law than no law at all.


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   Way back in the 1960's, a deaf vocational rehabilitation
counselor was angry.
   He worked very hard to find jobs for his deaf clients.
The problem was the pay was $60.00 per week. His deaf clients
turned down these jobs because they found other jobs that
paid $85.00 per week.
   These deaf clients had a choice between $85.00 per week
jobs that will remain $85.00 per week for many years  or
working up the ladder from $60.00 per week but with $5.00
per week raises every six months. In 3 years this $60.00
per week job would become $90.00 per week.
   Yet, these deaf clients would not wait. That made the
deaf VR counselor angry. 

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   Clarke School for the Deaf is one of the
world's most famous oral schools for the deaf.
   Many years ago, Grace Goodhue taught at
Clarke. She then married Calvin Coolidge,
who became the president of USA.
   There was a newspaper story that was
written up about Coolidge's wife teaching
at Clarke. The story said that she taught
at a school for the "deaf and dumb."
   The dictionary says "dumb" means a person
cannot use speech at all!
   The newspaper reporter did not understand
the word "dumb"!

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   Thomas Edison, the man of 1,093 patents, was
deaf. He did not seek counsel of doctors to
see if an operation could help him.
   He also never went to college, and simply
stayed home and taught himself.
   Why? He felt schooling and a medical
operation would disrupt his powers of concentration
while thinking of things to invent to make our
world better!

   A newspaper story was titled:
DEAFNESS is the Cinderella of disabilities

   It said:

One in seven people - 14% of the population - has a 
problem with hearing, but they can find others treating 
them with impatience and a lack of understanding.

   DeafDigest does not understand why Deafness is
the Cinderella? A Cinderella is a mythical woman,
who overcame oppression, to become a huge success.
Is this story saying that Deafness is the most
successful disability?
   Some writers make no sense!

   There was a newspaper story of North Carolina investing
$40,000 to help a deaf man start a new business - as a
   The money was for crab traps. And for this expenditure,
the state Vocational Rehabilitation agency was criticized
by Senate minority leader Phil Berger for wasteful
   This is interesting. Crabbing is practically a dying
industry. Wouldn't the state be better off investing
$40.000 in a different kind of business to help the
deaf client?
   Just wondering.

   A story was posted on a yahoo site, titled
"100 things your kids may never know."
   It mentions things like a VHS tape, shortwave
radio, Starbuck (as a man, not as a coffee),
swimming pool diving boards, etc.
   What about us, the deaf? Our future deaf children
may never know about the following:

- hearing aid (if CI completely replaces the hearing aid)
- deaf newspapers (Silent News; NAD Broadcaster)
- clubs of the deaf
- betting at basketball tournaments
- Frat divisions
- linotype & hot type as top profession for the deaf

   The list is longer but above is enough.

   Matt Roloff, the leading character in the
popular "Little People, Big World" reality cable
TV series, said in one episode:

it is illegal to be a dwarf

   He was expressing his frustration at being
unable to have a home builder modify the
local building codes in order to make the
facilities dwarf-friendly. 
   He wanted the staircase railings lowered
to match the heights of himself and his wife,
but doing so, would be illegal.
   What about us, the deaf? So many things we
want, but can't have - leaving us with the
feeling that it is also illegal to be deaf!

   The FCC, knowing that there many people that
wanted to get answers to questions they didn't ask,
has set up a web site at:

   This deals with 10-digit issues which continues
to confuse so many of us!


(series to be run on a weekly basis until list of
tales run out)

I knocked on the door with a pizza delivery.
A young kid, maybe 10 years old, opened the door,
gave me the money (exact amount owed), took the
pizza and closed the door.

I was a little upset about not getting a tip, but
drove away. I spotted in the rear view mirror of
my car, the angry mother chasing after me. I
backed up my car to her, opened the window and
got the tip that her son would not give me!

If you are a former Deaf Pizza Driver and have an
interesting tale, please share it with:


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a deaf/mute phone communication system

what is so wrong about just calling it "telephone
relay system"?  This phrase was written up in a
newspaper in California!


31st World's Largest ASL Silent Weekend in 2010
Signing Greeting Cards
ASL and Interpreting DVDs

We had over 600 at the recent silent weekend.

The venue for the June 24-27, 2010 event will handle 700-1000 
participants and include a medical interpreting track.  Novice, 
beginning, intermediate and advanced ASL and ITP students, as 
well as interpreters (CEUs offered) will have around 150 hours 
of seminars to choose from.

The 31st Silent Weekend is at the Florida Hotel at the Florida
Mall in Orlando with its huge food court allowing you to have
a complete meal for $5.99 instead of paying $20-30 at other
conferences' hotel prices.  The room costs are even lower next
year ... just $105 with free parking and unlimited free

Students and professionals seeking to improve their skills can
bring family members and they can take novice sign language
classes for just $89 per person!

There will be group registration opportunities online after
July 1 at .  There are simply no other local,
regional or national conferences offering you so many hours
of classes as inexpensively as the Silent Weekends.  Just
check them out!

Final details will be online beginning in August but the cost
per person is as low as $149 per person and exhibit tables
at $150.

Sign language DVDs are available online at -
A brand new DVD "When 'Duck' is not Enough" to show you how to
represent inanimate objects is now available.

The 8th Florida/Alaska Motorcycle Charity Run for deaf babies
is currently under way.  

See,5143,705315218,00.html for 
an article from a newspaper.

See for updates and photos.
These trips will take place every year so why not make plans
to join us now in 2010 for a Bed and Breakfast tour?

Please browse our selection of signing greeting cards at:


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!

   Even though the Obama Inauguration is history,
the The Australian Communications and Media Authority
is angry.
   This Australian agency has scolded Network Ten
(Sydney) Pty Ltd for not captioning the inauguration
on TV.
   DeafDigest fails to understand why it took the
Australian agency seven months to point its finger
at Network Ten.
   At any rate, a late scolding is better than no
scolding at all.


DeafLibrary Page of the Week

We so many Deaf Issues. What are these issues?

Do click on:

(on a rotating basis, a different DeafLibrary Page topic 
will be featured every week) 


Deaf Picture of the Week:

Evelyn Glennie, famous deaf British percussionist; most recent picture


Question of the week:

Q. I am confused between the roles of FCC's Disability Rights 
Office and the state relay office. Could you clarify?

A. If you have a problem with the relay service itself, contact
your state relay administrator. If you are not happy with
a relay policy, then contact the FCC's Disability Rights

send your questions to

the most interesting questions may be answered
in future DeafDigest editions. Thank you.


Wish List of the Week:

that interpreters are available on minute's notice 
instead of giving 5 days notice or 2 weeks notice


DeafHistory - Looking Back:

Year 1953 - the first transistor hearing aid came out on
the market. Actually the transistor was invented in 1947,
but it took six years before the hearing aid manufacturers
picked up on it.


Deaf and the Money:

How are budget cutbacks impacting on schools for the

Let us take Alabama School for the Deaf as an example.

The school relies on state funding, and when there are
cutbacks, the may be no other resources to get more
money. If this deaf school was treated like a local
school system, they could push for raising of local

What is true for Alabama, may or may not necessarily
be true for other schools. Every state operates
differently when it comes to funds.


DeafNumbers of the Week:

A hearing engineer had a successful consulting practice;
he suddenly became deaf, and as a result, lost 60
percent of his business. 

He was able to retain 40 percent of his business;
these clients told him that sudden deafness could happen
to them as much as it happened to him!


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position announcement
Employment Specialist/Job Developer, P.R.I.D.E. Program
Rochester School for the Deaf
Rochester, New York

Full-time grant position

As soon as possible
The Employment Specialist/Job Developer will perform the 
following duties:  complete informal interest, functional 
or situational assessments with participants referred for 
supported employment services; assist participants with 
employment goals and creating or updating resumes; develop 
job placement sites for individual participants referred 
for placement; develop a variety of sites to allow 
participants to experience work tryout activities; and 
build and develop relationships with a variety of employers 
in the Rochester area for future job placement activity. 

Bachelor's degree in Human Service, Social Work, Counseling, 
Special Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, or Marketing

Prior experience working with deaf adults with additional 

Proficiency in American Sign Language preferred

Harold Mowl, Jr., Superintendent/CEO
Rochester School for the Deaf
1545 St. Paul Street
Rochester, New York 14621

Applications received will be screened and the most highly 
qualified will be asked to interview.

CLOSING DATE:        Open until filled

RSD is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate 
in employment on the basis of non-qualifying disability, race, 
religion, color, sex, marital status, age, national origin, 
and veteran status.


position announcement
Itinerant Field Operations Support II
Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program
position is in Northern California area

starting salary: $51,937 with benefits

for position description & application procedures,
click on:


Superintendent position
Arkansas School for the Deaf
Little Rock, Arkansas

The Arkansas School for the Deaf invites applicants
for the position of superintendent.

Scope of Duties:
This position is responsible for planning and directing the 
development, delivery and administration of the educational 
and residential life programs and services of the school.  

The Superintendent is responsible for establishing a residential 
and community environment conducive to learning and to the social 
and emotional development of children who are deaf/hard of hearing, 
or multi-handicapped, enrolled in specialized parent-infant, pre-school, 
elementary, secondary and pre-vocational programs.  

The Superintendent reports to and advises the five member Board 
of Trustees and directs and coordinates all business and facilities 
management activities, and community relations activities.  Consults 
on educational and technological issues and initiatives associated 
with the growth and development of children who are deaf/hard of 

Minimum Requirements:
- Must hold a standard teaching license and a Building Level or 
Curriculum/Program Administrator License

- Must have four (4) years teaching experience with, preferably, 
Building Level or Curriculum/Program Administrator experience

- Must hold an Advanced Degree or have completed an Advanced Program 
of Study reflective of the Arkansas Standards for District Level 

- Successfully completed the School Superintendent Assessment (SSA)

Special Requirements:
- Superintendent may be required to live on campus - (if required, 
room and board is furnished)

- Ability to converse proficiently with deaf children and adults in 
American Sign Language

- A background check may be conducted on applicants

Salary:        $85,536

Resumes will be accepted until August 15, 2009 or until filled.  
Please apply to:

Lucy Cockrell, Personnel Manager
Arkansas School for the Deaf
2606 W. Markham/ASB Duplex
Little Rock, AR  72205

Phone: (501) 603-3529 (V/TTD)
Fax: (501) 603-3533



position opening
High School Math Teacher
Washington School for the Deaf
Vancouver, WA

The Washington School for the Deaf is seeking a highly qualified 
High School Math Teacher. 

If you are a qualified math teacher, know American Sign Language, 
and want to be part of a dynamite teaching team - YOU need to
contact us today!
You can visit our website at to find out 
more or contact the HR office directly at (360) 696-6525
x4326 (V/TTY). 

We welcome new grads who interned in a math classroom!
Find out more about the beautiful Portland-Vancouver area by 
visiting the following links:

- City of Vancouver:
- City of Portland:


Jobs Available
Texas School for the Deaf
Austin, Texas

Texas School for the Deaf is the oldest continuously operating publicly 
funded school in Texas. Since 1857, over 10,000 students have graced the 
halls of TSD and have contributed to our standing as a leader in deaf 
education. It is our educational excellence, our belief in a culture and 
community that embraces deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals 
alike, and our commitment to helping each child reach his or her potential 
that drives our mission to provide an environment where deaf and hard of 
hearing children can learn, grow, and belong.

Texas School for the Deaf currently has various jobs available. Some of 
our current openings include: 
- Administrative Assistant 
- Bus Driver 
- Day Residential Educator 
- Interpreter, Residential Specialist
- Teacher. 

The full list of our job openings can be viewed on our website at - Positions include full State benefits including 
paid vacation, sick leave, health insurance, holidays, longevity pay, 
and retirement plan. 

About Austin: 
Austin is consistently voted one of the country's best cities to live, 
work, and play. Austin is also included in top-10 lists of 
healthiest cities, best vacation destinations, best big cities, best 
"chill" cities, most educated cities, top rated cities, and the list 
continues. Between its low cost of living and zero state income tax, 
Austinites have the benefit of big-city living with small-city costs.

TSD is an EEO employer.


position available
St. Rita School for the Deaf        
Cincinnati, OH

St. Rita School for the Deaf is an academic 10-month program 
for Deaf and Hard of Hearing impaired children from birth 
through 20 years of age. St. Rita School is an equal 
opportunity employer/educational private institution. 
Skills in Total Communication are required of all personnel.

TITLE:                        RESIDENT ADVISOR - WEEK

AREA:                        ONE FOR GIRLS DORMITORY
                        ONE FOR BOYS DORMITORY

NATURE OF WORK:          This is a live-in position.

1. Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Special Education 
or related Field.

2. Proficiency in Sign Language.

3. Knowledge of child growth and development and behavior.

4. Physical stamina, emotional maturity and patience needed for 
residential living.

SUPERVISES:        Students in the dormitory and students in the after 
school programs.


1. To assist the student in group living, personal hygiene, 
interpersonal relationships, social graces and spiritual 
and moral development.

2 To create a healthful living situation in which the student 
can mature and develop as an individual with unique needs and 

1. To care for the student at all times outside of class time.

2. To maintain a neat, clean and pleasant dormitory and social area

3. To provide a good health care program including: appropriate diet, 
rest and exercise, personal hygiene, care of sick student.

4. To assign and monitor student duties.

5. To assist the students in caring for and managing their money

6. To guide and assist the students with planning of recreational 
activities and the utilization of their leisure time.

7. To discipline inappropriate behavior according to school policy

8. To advise and counsel both the student and the parents.

9. To provide an area and time for studies and intellectual 

10. To support the philosophy and objectives of the school.

Submit your resume to:
Peter Keller
Director of Student Life
St. Rita School for the Deaf
1720 Glendale Milford Road
Cincinnati, OH  45215-1258



position opening
Mental Health Technician
National Deaf Academy
Mt. Dora, Florida

Responsible for the daily supervision and monitoring of residents 
safety, activities of daily living, school attendance and recreation 

Requires high school diploma or equivalent.  

Experience working in behavioral health setting preferred.  

Fluent in ASL preferred. 

American Sign Language training provided on site.  

FT and Per Diem, all shifts available.  

Competitive salary and excellent benefits.  

Fax resume to Human Resources: (352)735-4939 

or send resume to: 
National Deaf Academy, 
Attention: Human Resources,
19650 US Hwy 441, 
Mt. Dora, Florida  32757.  

Phone (352)735-9500. 



Position Vacancy Notice
Department Chair: American Sign Language and Interpreting Education
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Rochester, NY

NTID is one of the eight colleges within Rochester Institute of 
Technology (RIT), a national center of educational excellence.  

It is located in Rochester, New York, which is home to a large and 
vibrant Deaf community and has been named as one of the top 100 
American cities in which to raise a family.  

The RIT community is diverse, dynamic, and excellence-driven.  
Within the college of NTID, the ASLIE department provides American 
Sign Language instruction to the university's faculty, staff, and 
students.  In addition, the ASLIE department educates students 
seeking a baccalaureate degree in the field of ASL/English 

Chair responsibilities, in addition to traditional faculty 
responsibilities, include: Provide strategic direction for the 
design, delivery, and on-going evaluation of curricula; manage the 
composition, evaluation, and development of the department's human 
resources; monitor budget and maintain departmentally-assigned 
resources; represent the department to internal RIT and NTID 
stakeholders as well as national stakeholders;  and provide 
programmatic and curricular leadership to a nationally recognized 
faculty in the fields of American Sign Language instruction and 
ASL/English Interpreting education.

Review of applications will begin Sept 30th and will continue until 
position is filled.

For a complete job description and to apply online, visit the RIT Career 

Candidate must be eligible to work in the United States

Rochester Institute of Technology is an EO/AA Employer.


(updated 7/19/09 - revised posting)

position openings
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position descriptions and application procedures
please click on any of below:

- Assistant Director of Residential Services

- Residential Advisor

- Teacher (Blind/Deaf)

- Substitute Teacher (P/T-Hourly)


(updated 7/19/09 - revised posting)

more position openings
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position descriptions and application procedures
please click on any of below:

- Teacher - Middle School Science


(updated July 26th)


Exciting Career Opportunities at GLAD

*  Job Developer/Interpreter - Anaheim, Pacoima, CA
*  Community Interpreter - Los Angeles, CA

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Specialist
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



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