Deane Sigler was a great high school hockey player in
Michigan, receiving these all-state honors and receiving
a number of hockey scholarships from big time hockey
powers. He wanted to play hockey at RIT and enrolled
at NTID in the second semester in 1972.

He came to the RIT hockey pratice and asked the
coach for a tryout. They didn’t know who he was
(despite his storied hockey background in
Michigan). Having missed the first semester
of hockey action, everyone was skeptical of this

After a couple of shifts on ice in his first
practice session (in mid-season) he was immediately
installed as a first teamer on defense. He could
also play on the frontline, but the coach wanted
him to protect the goalie.

He played four seasons of RIT hockey and led the
team each season in most minutes spent on ice,
meaning he pulled a double shift on defense
whereas others played a single shift at a time!

After his RIT hockey career, he played several
seasons in minor league hockey.