Did you know that – Ralph LinWeber

operated his private business – Baseball Research Bureau, out of his
house in Toledo, Ohio – during these pre-computer years. He founded it
in 1938 and it continued right up to his death in 1997. He graduated
from Ohio School for the Deaf; his real job was working at a local
auto plant, but making baseball his lifelong hobby. He carried several
hats – Toledo Mud Hens minor league baseball team historian,
serving on a baseball encyclopedia committee, researching these little
known baseball facts and trivia in libraries, and building up his own
private baseball library, even older than Cooperstown’s famous baseball
library!. He also published a few baseball books. In 1947, sports writers
said Jackie Robinson was the first black to play major league baseball.
He told them they were wrong as there was two black players that played
briefly in 1884! The sports writers realized they were wrong!
A quiet person, Ralph preferred researching than socializing with the deaf.