An important decision a recruited mainstreamed football
player had to make.

In the 1990’s, a mainstreamed football player was recruited
by McNeese State University and University of Central
Florida (UCF), as well as by Gallaudet.

After much thinking, he chose UCF for one reason – “better”
interpreters. This is what a group of deaf UCF students
told him. A group of McNeese deaf students told him that
the university interpeters were not the best.

There were pros and cons. At Gallaudet he would have gotten
all the playing time he could ever had – and interpreting
was not an issue since he knew ASL.

At McNeese, he would have played a lot since McNeese
was a competitive notch below UCF. “Bad” interpreters
kept him away.

What happened at UCF? The head coach that recruited
him was fired after his freshman season. He played
a lot as a freshman because UCF played a weaker
schedule and much of the games were blow outs.
Between sophomore and senior seasons, he rarely
played under the new head coach. Better
interpreters but no playing time!

Did the player make the right decision??????