McCay Vernon, who passed away in 2013, was not deaf,
but he spent a lifetime working with, and teaching
the deaf. He established the Deaf Education masters
program at Western Maryland College (now known as
McDaniel College). Many deaf students flocked to
his program to learn to become qualified teachers
of the deaf.

Not just in Deaf Education was Vernon heavily
involved with. He felt too many things were
wrong with just about everything that dealt
with the deaf – counseling, vocational
rehabilitation, legislative issues, direction
and priority of state associations of the deaf,
and down the line. Even Deaf Employment and
Deaf Mental Health issues.

Many deaf leaders bristled at his continuing
criticisms. It didn’t stop Vernon from expressing
his views.

Was he fluent in ASL? Yes. Was he knowledgeable
about Deaf Culture? Yes. Was he argumentative
and clashed with the deaf face to face? No. He
was a man of tact and dignity and would not put
down deaf people even if he vehemently disagreed
with them!

And he served as personal mentors to young deaf
individuals that were serious about pursuing
lifetime careers helping the deaf.