A deaf man, big and strong in build, wanted to
become a pro wrestler. But for years he did not
know who to contact in the Pro Wrestling community
for advice. He, however, subscribed to these
pro wrestling magazines. Years later there was
a short article about a pro wrestling school
in his home town.

He contacted the school and was quickly accepted
as a pro wrestling trainee – but there was
a catch. He had to pay for the school tuition.
He was jobless and lived on SSDI, and so, he
paid for the school tuition out of these
SSDI monthly checks.

The school promised him several “practice”
pro wrestling matches at small arenas at
small towns. In a six-month span, he had
four matches, and said he had a 2 won, 2 lost

Suddenly it was over. The school told him
he did not have what was needed to become
a full fledged pro wrestler.

His current whereabouts is unknown.