Bridgewater College in Virginia (NCAA-III football) had a deaf
player during the early nineties. It was linebacker Steve
Lowe, one of the team’s top tacklers. He did not want to be
identified as deaf even though everyone knew he was deaf.

The Bridgewater sports information director (SID) sent a
newsclipping to DeafDigest Sports editor, a write up on
Steve Lowe.

The story made no mention of his deafness or of his hearing
loss, just pointed out that he was a pretty good linebacker.

There was just one hint – but one had to read carefully to
catch it. The story mentioned that an assistant coach,
during a practice session, tapped on Lowe’s shoulder to
bring attention to him.

DeafDigest Sports editor asked the Brigewater SID
if the shoulder tap indicated Lowe’s deafness. The
SID said yes, explaining that Lowe did not want the
world to know that he was deaf!