In the past, Spinal Meningitis caused deafness in
many people. This disease has practically disappeared
thanks to penicillin and anibiotics.

A list of prominent deaf leaders (of past years)
that had Spinal Meningitis:

— government official that pushed for many programs to help deaf
— NAD CEO that helped agency grow by leaps and bounds
— The Frat president that helped grow into over million dollars in assets
— CEO of a national coalition that worked with deaf organizations
— government official that helped growth of captions in movies and TV
— tycoon of a publishing company
— author of a hot selling deaf book
— president of Gallaudet University
— president of NAD for nearly 20 years
— Deaf Culture advocate
— highest ranking female government official
— three much beloved Gallaudet professors
— an adept NAD dealmaker
— state government official that built effective network of interpreters
— president of Deaflympics