1. in a wine tasting event at a hotel, you
point to the white wine you want. The person
instead pours you a glass of lemonade.
You again point to the same white wine bottle
and the person again pours you another glass
of lemonade. You then hold up the wine bottle
and point at it – the hearing person finally
understands the finger pointing!


2. at the hotel dining room, you finish your
meal and the waitress gives you a check, but
crossed off with a big X on the cost of the
meal. You are puzzled and think it was free.
It wasn’t free but it was her way of telling
you that you cannot charge it to the room
because the computer system was down.


3. the hotel offers free coffee in the mornings.
You pour yourself a cup of coffee from a giant
coffee machine. The coffee drips a little by
little. You think the machine is out of
coffee and tell the floor manager about it.
He gestures back to you with some kind of
hand movement. You don’t understand and
insist the machine is low on coffee. He has
to come over and demonstrate to you the correct
way to turn on the coffee machine!


4. you are walking your dog in the hotel
lobby. The staff points at the dog, thinking
dog is dangerous and should not be allowed
(hotel is dog friendly). They were just
trying to ask you if the dog can be petted
by them.


5. you struggle with the swipe card to enter
your room; the staff sees it and gestures in
a way you don’t understand. He was trying to
tell you the correct way to use the swipe!