Gallaudet baseball, restarted in 1965 as a club sport,
appointed Morris Goldman, a Sociology professor as a
surprise coach. He was a huge baseball fan but knew
nothing about coaching this sport. Why was he appointed?

When baseball was proposed as a club sport by a group
of students, resistance by the Gallaudet administration
was fierce. The administrators felt the deaf cannot
play this sport and that they would lose every game by
football scores! Goldman was strong-willed; it was
impossible to tell him what to. He would tell the
administrators to get lost if they told him to
drop this sport. The adminstrators, because of
his presence, backed off and allowed the club
sport to get started.

Goldman’s faith in his baseball players paid off
as the club surprised everyone by winning two
games in 1965. It forced the Gallaudet adminstration
to grant baseball as an official varsity sport in
1966. That 1966 team won the conference co-championship.