DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 26, 2012

– eleven different sign language skill levels

People working with the deaf are evaluated on their sign
language skills. There are eleven different skill levels.
These levels are:

Superior Plus
Advanced Plus
Advanced – good but not the best
Intermediate Plus
Intermediate – average
Survival Plus
Novice Plus
Novice – struggling with fingerspelling
No Functional Skills – zero knowledge


– a Court in India forces medical school to accept a deaf applicant

Rajashree Khaund, a deaf woman in India, wanted to become a doctor.
The Jorhat Medical College rejected her because of her deafness.
She filed a lawsuit. The Gauhati High Court ruled in her favor,
forcing the medical school to accept her. She is now attending
classes. We have few deaf physicans in USA.


— a two minute deaf video takes a very long time to produce

A video of fingerspelling each letter from A to Z and
each number from zero to 9 may be about two minutes
long. But to produce that video requires tiring 6 days of
computer editing work and to put in captions!


– an election deaf campaign manager

Campaign managers try to help their candidates
win elections. They raise funds, do advertising,
and get the votes. It is a tough job for a hearing
person. What about the deaf? In Rosny Sous Bois, France,
a city of 40,000 near Paris, Raphaël Button, a deaf
leader, was a campaign manager for a hearing candidate
in the city manager election. His candidate lost by 128
votes out of 22,000 votes cast. Button said:

The campaign was hard for me but not impossible and
it was rewarding


— champion Ashley Fiolek no more in Women’s Motocross

Ashley Fiolek, who won her 4th Women’s Motocross championship
in 5 seasons, will not race again in that event. She wants
to compete in endurocross or truck racing or X Games or races
against men! Why is she getting out of Women’s Motocross? She
is tired of this event and wants bigger challenges.

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