DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 28, 2014

— a familiar deaf face coming back to TV

A popular TV reality program is The Amazing Race.
The 2014 edition will start on February 23rd.
One of the returning teams is the Maggie O.Donnell-
Luke Adams team which excited the nation in the
past. While mother Maggie is hearing, son Luke is deaf.


— deaf fan knows Super Bowl trivia and facts

Kavin Caruso, a deaf resident of Atlanta, is a
Super Bowl fan and also a Super Bowl trivia whiz.
Who won the Super Bowl in 1976? What was the date
of the 1984 Super Bowl? Which TV network aired
the 1994 Super Bowl? What college did the 1971
Super Bowl MVP attend? Kavin knows them all.
Not just the Super Bowl, but also the past
TV programs, past musicals, past actors as well
as with other different sports. His goal is to
attend a community college to study bookkeeping
in hopes of finding a job in that field.


— deaf may not see some Super Bowl commercials!

Many of us will watch the Super Bowl on TV. For some
of them, they are only interested in the commercials
and not the game itself! They want to know which
commercials are captioned and which are not. Well,
in Canada, it may be different. There was a story
going today on that some TV broadcasters in Canada
would not show American commercials, instead, using
their own commercials! And that these commercial
switches have been going on for years. Who knows,
could some deaf Canadians drive to nearby American
towns just to watch these Super Bowl captioned
(and non-captioned) commercials?



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