DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 21, 2014


— a famous deaf person standing at busy intersection, waving to everyone!

A famous deaf person spent all day yesterday standing at the
city’s busiest intersection, waving at everyone. Who and why?
It was Heather Whitestone, the only deaf woman to win Miss
America pageant. Her husband John McCallum, of St Simons
Island, Georgia, is running for the U.S. House seat. Will
he win? He is 2nd in the district race, but has collected
most of the money and most of the endorsements among the
candidates! If he wins, will Whitestone lobby on deaf
issues on our behalf or keep quiet about it?


— two big cities to show posters at bus stops, advocating deaf issues

At bus stops in two big cities, there will be flashing display
signs about the rights and needs of the deaf. These displays
rotate every few seconds for a 2-week period. The first city
has over 8,000,000 people and the second city has over
1,000,000 people. Where are these cities? London and
Birmingham in Great Britain!


— a big apartment landlord agrees not to discriminate against the deaf

The Bell Partners, a big landlord of nearly 65,000 apartments in
15 states, cannot discriminate against deaf renters. This was the
Agreement they made with the U.S. Department of Housing &
Urban Development (HUD). For this, Bell was fined $200,000. This
is important – because if you are looking for an apartment to rent
and if you feel the landlord is discriminating against you, then
HUD wants to know about it!



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