DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 22, 2014


— A big week for the Bravins

It was a big week for the Bravins. Father Phil was one of the
Gallaudet Commencement Day speakers which is always a great
honor. And it was announced today that his son Jeffrey has
become the second deaf Executive Director of the American
School for the Deaf. This school, not only is the oldest
school for the deaf in the nation but is also one of the
most storied schools. It is located on a big campus in
West Hartford, CT.


— a deaf man at the White House

It is a tradition that championship teams (baseball, basketball,
hockey and football) are honored at a White House ceremony.
The Seattle Seahawks, the Super Bowl champions, were at the
White House, and one of the players was deaf Derrick Coleman.
In a speech, Obama mentioned Coleman as one of the players that
overcome hardship to make it big in this sport.


— another deaf senior citzens housing development?

We have several deaf senior citizens residential housing
buildings across USA. Are we having a new one coming up?
There is talk in Michigan on the possibility of it being
built in Oakland, Michigan, right near Detroit. Right now
the Livingston Human Service Agency is looking into the
proposal which would include 50 apartment units.




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