DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 23, 2014

— a deaf group at a Chinese airport

Zhang Zhiguo, who is deaf, was arrested for forcing about 20
deaf people to beg tourists for money at the Beijing Capital
International Airport. He collected about $160,000 (USA dollars)
before he was arrested. Where did the money go to? For his
personal bank account, for first class travel and pricey food.
Deaf beggars that did not give him money would be beaten up.
At the trial the prosecutors recommended a jail sentence.

— best age for deaf kids to get CI

What is the best age for deaf kids to get implanted? According
to a research team from Indiana University, deaf children that
are implanted before they are under two are better off than those
that are implanted under three. Why? The older implantees
have memory problems whereas the younger ones don’t! Are the
researchers right? They researched 150 deaf children, which is
a tiny sample. Does that tiny sample speak true of thousands and
thousands of implanted children? Just don’t know!



— another Matt Hamill comeback

Many fighters retire only to come back, unable to resist
the temptation of fighting again. Matt Hamill is no better.
He will be fighting at the World Series Of Fighting in early
July. Matt started off with a 10-2 record and then slipped to
1-3 record in his last four matches, making it 11-5 career
record. Not much is known about the World Series of Fighting
so have to wait for further details.




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