DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 23, 2011


— Cops beat up Occupy Portland ASL interpreter!

Interpreter Justin James Bridges was on duty during
the Occupy Portland (Oregon) activities when the
cops came in and beat him up. The cops wanted to
clean up the park and to kick out the occupants.
For some reason, Bridges was beaten up. He was
badly injured during the beating.

— Cops arrest a deaf NTID professor at Occupy Rochester

A deaf professor with NTID was arrested for participating
at Occupy Rochester. She was handcuffed behind her back,
preventing her from being able to communicate. She
claims this is the wrong way to arrest a deaf person.
But Rochester police said everyone, deaf and hearing,
must be handcuffed behind their backs because of a
safety issue. Interesting because Rochester has a
reputation for being the world’s most Deaf Friendly


— A deaf club not allowed to sell “private club” permit

In Pulaski County (Arkansas) there are 23 private club
permits. It allows these clubs to serve liquor until 5 AM
closing time. One of the 23 clubs is the Little Rock
Association for the Deaf. This deaf club no longer wants
the permit and wants to sell it to a hearing club. In two
special hearings, the county said no. Reason was burden on
police and public safety. This issue may go to the courts,
and in the meantime the deaf club is stuck with a permit
they no longer want.


— What happens if a deaf person on SSDI wins a big lottery?

Suppose you are deaf and receive SSDI checks and you win a
one million dollar lottery, will you lose your SSDI benefits?
A tax attorney said that the deaf person will keep his
SSDI checks and his Medicare, but will lose his Medicaid.
Why Medicaid? Because if you have new money, you can
afford to pay for your medical care and assistance.


— IRS and IRS/DEAF group wants to help the deaf taxpayers

The IRS and IRS/DEAF group is working with a consultant on how
to best help deaf taxpayers. They have come up with a survey
for you to fill out. There is a video that explains the whole
thing but it is not captioned. DeafDigest refuses to post
non-captioned videos because many DeafDigest subscribers do not
know sign language. If you wish to see the video and the
survey, email President@IRSDEAF.net


— Job opening, Executive Director position, New Mexico

pls visit: