DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 23, 2012

— A difference between Ashley Fiolek and Marlee Matlin

Ashley Fiolek is a famous deaf motocross champion.
Marlee Matlin is a famous deaf actress. What is the
difference between these famous deaf women? Marlee
requires all of her movie and TV appearances to be
captioned. Ashley performed in a recent Red Bull/Honda
commercial – that was not captioned! Did Ashley ask
the TV people to caption the filming?

— ASL could instruct computer what to do!

A deaf person using ASL to tell the computer to do
something? Yes, as Microsoft engineers may make it
possible with the new SoundWave software. SoundWave
can recognize hand gestures. With more software
improvements, SoundWave may later recognize
ASL. If successful then we can use ASL with our
tablets and smart phones!

— Times Square’s CBS Super Screen shows important deaf message

New York’s Times Square has the CBS Super Screen. Everyone
looks at it while walking through. And it is showing
a deaf message – the Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services
and its Public Service Announcement about rights and
needs of deaf women in domestic situations. These messages
are 15 seconds long and rotates with other messages.

— Insulting the deaf while seeking help from the deaf

A hearing person posted on a deaf web site this message:

I am not deaf, and very thankful for that. I wish to
learn ASL. Please tell me where are the ASL classes
being held?

Not a surprise; no deaf person helped that hearing person.
No one should ever say in front of a deaf person that he
is thankful for not being deaf! It is very insulting.



— Fire alarm at theatre that showed captioned movie

A moviehouse in Abingdon, MD was showing the captioning of
the movie “Avengers.” An angry hearing patron, who did not
want captions, complained to the theater general manager.
The manager offered a refund, but the man turned it down
and then watched the captioned movie. When the movie ended,
the man, still upset, demanded his money back. The manager said
no because he already saw the film. The angry man then pulled
the fire alarm! He was arrested and may be fined $5,000!

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 22, 2012

— A hearing employee insulting the deaf, not fired

Tom Petry, not deaf, is the technology director of the Collier County school district in Florida. He insulted his deaf employee, mocked racial groups, accused of bad behavior and mismanaged department finances, etc. A disciplinary hearing took place with 200 pages of evidence. Yet, the school superintendent did not fire him!


— A deaf female jockey in a future Kentucky Derby race?

Neiba Ponce, 23, a deaf woman from Kennewick, Washington, is now a horse racing jockey. She is practices with horses at a training track. The local NBC Right Now ran a short program of her. Kentucky Derby? It is a big dream of all jockeys. We hope she will become a successful jockey and deaf bettors winning money on her horses!


— ASL person cannot run for election in a small town

San Luis, Arizona has 15,000 people and is near the Mexican border. This town passed a law 120 years ago that candidates in town elections must be fluent in English. Last week a hearing Spanish-speaking woman was told she cannot run for public office in San Luis. Same thing with ASL person; if his English is bad, he cannot run for public office in same town!


— National Theatre of the Deaf in danger of going broke

The NTD, founded in 1967, is the nation’s oldest continuing deaf theater. It survived past financial problems, but today may be the worst. NTD, in Connecticut, is funded by the state. Connecticut is broke, and has cut funding for many groups. NTD was supposed to get $151,000 but may be zero dollars. Everyone was surprised about zero dollars. But there is hope; theater and cultural groups are screaming mad. The state then said their budget cutbacks are not really cutbacks at all. Confusing? Yes!


— Obama praises a successful deaf person

President Obama, on his web site, praised a deaf person who was a success in life despite not being well known in the national Deaf Community. At age of 16, he competed in the Deaflympics; after graduation from deaf school, he worked in a factory assembly line. And he helped establish an agency serving the deaf in the area. And he is encouraging the deaf to go out and vote. His children have become successes. Who is that person? Go to: http://www.barackobama.com/news/entry/organizing-against-all-odds-abram-p/


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 15, 2012

— Deafness was a secret with a famous TV actress

Charlene Tilton, who played the role of Lucy Ewing
in the famous TV series – Dallas, during the early
eighties, was deaf. It was a secret with everyone.
Her TV producer and director knew nothing about it.
Her hearing aids were hidden in her hair. Why a
secret? She was afraid she would not be hired if
TV people knew of her deafness!


– An important deaf man in the Japanese court system

The courts in Japan operate differently from USA.
In Japan, lay judges handle non-jury court trials.
They have no law degrees, but investigate the cases,
study the evidence and decide if the defendants are
guilty or not guilty. One lay judge, Tomaru Takayuki,
is deaf and uses sign language. He has interpreters
in the court room. He is Japanese’s first deaf lay judge.

— New Zealand Parliament fights deaf legislator

New Zealand Parliament won’t pay for electronic
notetaking needs for Mojo Mathers, the first
deaf member of Parliament. Her party will pay but
may seek legal action to get money back from the
Parliament. She gave a speech, saying that Parliament
speaker’s attitude is wrong. New Zealand’s “ADA”
gives rights to the deaf. When Gary Malkowski
was in Ontario’s parliament, they paid for his
interpreters. It is different in New Zealand.
Already the New Zealand papers said the Speaker
spends money on trips, art, parties, but not
a penny on deaf devices!


— A comedy about audism in a theatrical play

Playwright Nina Raine, not deaf, wrote a play,
“Tribes” going on now in an Australian theater.
While the phrase – audism – is not mentioned
in the play, it is so obvious. The play is
about a deaf boy that struggles with his
hearing father that wants “perfect” speech,
“perfect” lipreading, “perfect” acceptance
into hearing world. The deaf boy rebels and
joins the Deaf Community. The father is upset.
The deaf character in the comedy is deaf
himself. The audience is mostly hearing and
they laugh at the comedy.


— Why was Super Bowl ASL Sing Signer ignored on TV?

The list below shows ASL Sing Signers that were shown
on TV in the past Super Bowls:

1993 – Marlee Matlin
1995 – Heather Whitestone
2007 – Marlee Matlin, again

all others were ignored on TV
It is obvious. If the signer is famous, she will be
televised. If she is not famous, the TV will ignore her.
Shame on these TV people for their attitude!


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 8, 2012


— Super Bowl captioned ads on smartphones and tablets?

Did we, the deaf, catch these Super Bowl captioned ads
on our smartphones and tablets? These corporations
placed  their ads on TV plus mobile devices. Did
captions show up on mobile devices? And did we use
magnifying glass to read these tiny captions?


— ESPN employs a deaf marketing person

Luke Faxon-St. Georges, a young deaf man, has a job with
the ESPN. It is a dream job for deaf professionals that
want to mix sports with marketing. His job title
is Account Executive, and his marketing territory is the
Northeast USA. He works on marketing deals with corporate
clients. Is he the only deaf person in a sports job?
No. We have deaf coaches, trainers, sports information
directors, game photographers, sports web site operators,
scoreboard operators, newspaper sports editors, etc
It is not easy for hearing and deaf to find these types
of sports jobs.

— Which Super Bowl commercials were captioned?

There were about 70 Super Bowl commercials. All
of these commercials were captioned – except –
1&1 Internet, American Family, Cenex, Comcast Xfinity,
Dairy Queen, General Electric, Howard Stern/NBC,
Jimmy John’s and Kraft Foods. No, Kraft Foods does not
own the New England Patriots (two different companies
with the same Kraft name; it is The Kraft Group
that owns the team that lost the Super Bowl).


— The Deaf Biggest loser kicked out and invited back!

Selena Brown, a deaf participant on the Australian TV
program – On the Excess Baggage on Nine. It is a reality
TV weight loss show, same as our The Biggest Loser TV
program. She was kicked off the program because she
could not lose 11 pounds within one week. Yet, she
was asked to come back few days later, because of
some strange voting rules among these overweight
participants! On her weigh-in at her comeback, she
lost 5 pounds, making it a total of 16 pounds in
two weeks.

— No Deaflympics in 2013??

Hungary agreed to host the 2013 Deaflympics. But Hungary
is broke, can’t afford it because it is expensive. Also
Hungary is not communicating with the Deaflympics governing
group, keeing things quiet. No other nation has volunteered
to host this event. Does not look too good right now, but
we should be optimistic.


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 1, 2012

– A new national organization of deaf truck drivers?

Possible good news for deaf individuals that want to become
truck drivers. The Department of Transportation will allow
deaf individuals to apply for Class A and B Commercial
Drivers Licenses and to drive across state lines. There
is a Facebook group for Deaf Truck drivers. Just go into
Facebook and look for it.

— Some deaf Egyptians earn full pay checks for not going to work!

Egypt requires businesses with over 50 employees to set aside
5 percent of jobs for the deaf and the disabled. Many employers
hate that law but “hire” the deaf to prove that they obey it.
They tell the deaf to stay home and not come to work! Why?
Egyptians look down on the deaf and the disabled. They don’t
want to be seen being with the deaf. Very sad.

— 16 percent of state without E-911 emergency relay services for the deaf

Missouri has 114 counties and one independent city. How many
of these counties lack E-911 emergency relay services for the
deaf? There are 18 counties without E-911 service. It is 16
percent of Missouri not accessible to the deaf!

— A hearing person arrested for yelling at a deaf person

When a hearing person yells at us, we hate it. We often
don’t know why he is yelling. Well, a hearing ex-boyfriend
yelled at his deaf ex-girl friend. He yelled when she tried
to use her computer several times to contact the police
to ask for protection. He shut down her computer without
touching her. But it scared the deaf woman. The police came
and arrested him, charging him of assault and intimidation.
The assault was because he put her in fear. The police told
her to get a restraining order.

— Sign language more popular than English in South Africa

South Africa has 11 official languages plus other 20-25 unofficial
languages. Sign language is not an official South African language,
yet it is the nation’s 9th most popular language, higher than
English! Thandile Sunduza, chairperson of the National Assembly’s
Arts and Culture committee, said:

Sign language is used more than English


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 18, 2012

— A letter by Beethoven in 1823

In 1823, four years before Beethoven died, he wrote letters
asking for money to fund a big musical event, the Missa Solemnis.
It was to be the greatest achievement of his composing career.
There was a problem – Beethoven was broke and couldn’t afford
this new project. So, he wrote letters, asking for money.
One such letter was saved for many years, and it is being
auctioned off now. Auctioneers said this letter is valued
about $131,000! Missa Solemnis? It was a flop, and Beethoven
died, disappointed about it.

— Long time deaf employees becoming rare

A newspaper posted a story on Richard Anderson, a deaf
post office employee in Ohio. He is retiring after 41
years at the same job. In the past many deaf employees
spent 40-45 years at same job (factory or newspaper
plant). Not any more. There are layoffs, employer
buy outs, factory closings, etc. If we see a deaf
person employed for 40 years, it is from job to job,
not at one job.


— A surprise demand by a mother of 3 deaf children

A hearing mother of 3 deaf children, made a demand that is
surprising. She was attending an election rally in India and
confronted candidate Gurmeet Singh Sodhi, not deaf. She
demanded that that Sodhi give a free house for her and her
3 deaf children!. This shocked candidate immediately
promised her a house, only if he is elected! As we all know,
politicians anywhere in the world, make promises, hoping
to get votes. And that almost all of these promises are

— A deaf carpenter on a reality TV program

Michael Arwood, is deaf and he is a carpenter. He joined
the construction crew that worked on a new home in the
Knoxville, Tennessee area – that will be shown on the
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition TV program. He was recently
interviewed on a local TV news program.

— CART eyeglasses in few years?

Lumus, a high tech company, is manufacturing a special
eyeglasses where people can see images in front of them
while walking. Already it is used by jet pilots, surgeons
and military forces. This company is also manufacturing
different designs for movies and video games. What
about the deaf? Lumus could also possibly create
CART eyeglasses. It could be used when a deaf person
talks to a hearing person on the street. The deaf
person would need a small microphone so that the CART
operator will know when to start captioning. Will this
happen? Who knows!

DeafDigest Blue – December 11, 2011

DeafDigest Blue – December 11, 2011

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 23, 2011


— Cops beat up Occupy Portland ASL interpreter!

Interpreter Justin James Bridges was on duty during
the Occupy Portland (Oregon) activities when the
cops came in and beat him up. The cops wanted to
clean up the park and to kick out the occupants.
For some reason, Bridges was beaten up. He was
badly injured during the beating.

— Cops arrest a deaf NTID professor at Occupy Rochester

A deaf professor with NTID was arrested for participating
at Occupy Rochester. She was handcuffed behind her back,
preventing her from being able to communicate. She
claims this is the wrong way to arrest a deaf person.
But Rochester police said everyone, deaf and hearing,
must be handcuffed behind their backs because of a
safety issue. Interesting because Rochester has a
reputation for being the world’s most Deaf Friendly


— A deaf club not allowed to sell “private club” permit

In Pulaski County (Arkansas) there are 23 private club
permits. It allows these clubs to serve liquor until 5 AM
closing time. One of the 23 clubs is the Little Rock
Association for the Deaf. This deaf club no longer wants
the permit and wants to sell it to a hearing club. In two
special hearings, the county said no. Reason was burden on
police and public safety. This issue may go to the courts,
and in the meantime the deaf club is stuck with a permit
they no longer want.


— What happens if a deaf person on SSDI wins a big lottery?

Suppose you are deaf and receive SSDI checks and you win a
one million dollar lottery, will you lose your SSDI benefits?
A tax attorney said that the deaf person will keep his
SSDI checks and his Medicare, but will lose his Medicaid.
Why Medicaid? Because if you have new money, you can
afford to pay for your medical care and assistance.


— IRS and IRS/DEAF group wants to help the deaf taxpayers

The IRS and IRS/DEAF group is working with a consultant on how
to best help deaf taxpayers. They have come up with a survey
for you to fill out. There is a video that explains the whole
thing but it is not captioned. DeafDigest refuses to post
non-captioned videos because many DeafDigest subscribers do not
know sign language. If you wish to see the video and the
survey, email President@IRSDEAF.net


— Job opening, Executive Director position, New Mexico

pls visit:

DeafDigest Blue – November 6, 2011

DeafDigest Blue – November 6, 2011

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