DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 27, 2013


— a tale of a lost CI

a four-year old deaf girl, while playing with friends on the
streets, lost her CI. Her parents could not find it; the parents
asked friends to help look for it. They could not find it. As a
result, over 1,000 people, most of them strangers, joined in to
look for the lost CI. After a lot of searching, the lost CI
was found. Where in USA did that happen? No, it was in Yinchuan,
a city of 810,000 people in China!


— A double-deaf participant in a sporting event

What is a double-deaf participant? Deaf in both ears?
No. Joseph Lockwood, who is deaf, won the Louisiana
state championship in Hunter Jumper horse riding
competition. Why double deaf? Because his horse
is deaf! Hunter jumper? Horses, in riding competition,
jump over fences and the judges vote for the rider and
the horse that jumps the best.


— whose idea was the Phoenix TV Deaf and Hearing Network?

Last week DeafDigest mentioned the new Phoenix TV Deaf
and Hearing Network that would be aired in January 2014.
Whose idea was it? It was the idea and dream of Peyton
Gallovich, who is not deaf. She is a sophomore at
Arizona State University, and has dreamed of starting
her own television network. After taking sign language
courses at the university, she was inspired to create
the Deaf and Hearing Network. DeafDigest hopes it will
be successful because many deaf TV programs have closed
up after being aired for only a short time.




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