DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December December 14, 2011

— Ultimate Fighter Matt Hamill honored by the UFC

Matt Hamill, a recently-retired Ultimate Fighter, has
been honored by his fighting organization. They said
he was one of the most inspirational fighters around,
defeating some of the better opponents in his short
career. Because of these wins, he is described as a
true hero.


— A lip-reading Kinect device?

Could a Kinect device become a lipreader? Kinect engineers
say that the next Kinect generation can lipread. Really?
A deaf person that owns PS3, XBox and Kinect said “I doubt
that the next generation Kinect can lip read accurately –
but who knows? I have not seen the newer Kinect 2 device

— A politician in New Zealand says deaf cannot be a MP

Kevin Campbell, a Conservative party member, said that
Mojo Mathers, a deaf woman who was elected as MP, should
not serve in this position because of her deafness! When
his comments angered everyone, he immediately backed off
and apologized. To her credit, she accepted the apology.


— A deaf nightclub in Madrid

In Madrid, a new nightclub, named Equal, has opened for
business, serving deaf patrons. The songs come with
subtitled videos and signed videos, both shown on screens.
The staff know sign language. The bouncers, who don’t
sign, are with interpreters. It is located on Goya 33
Street, and is open every Thursday night.

— “Justin Bieber” booed in a basketball game

Would basketball fans boo Justin Bieber? Well,
when Luke Adams, who is deaf, and playing for
Texas Tech, entered the game against Texas Christian
University. he was immediately booed. Why?
Adams looks like this famous singer. Sportswriters
thought this deaf player could not hear the boos.
He heard these jeers because of his CI. To compare
pictures of Adams and Bieber, look at:


Incidentally, Adams’ father is a basketball coach
at Howard College, which is where SWCID is located!
Not sure if the father has ever coached deaf players
from SWCID.