DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 29, 2012

— Best “deaf-friendly” film wins Oscar

The movie “The Artist” won 3 Oscar honors – best picture,
director and lead actor. David Pierce, deaf CEO of Davideo
Productions, was happy about it, saying that we love silent
films and that voice is not always important for a movie to look
good. DeafDigest hopes The Artist success will give us future
non-voice films that we all, deaf and hearing, can enjoy.


— A newspaper was wrong about Marlee Matlin

A writer for The Charlotte Observer wrote that Marlee
Matlin was not successful since her Oscar-winning movie in
1986. The writer is wrong. Since 1986 she had nearly 50
different roles in TV series, movies and special TV
appearances. Yes, she struggles to get new roles, but
all hearing actors have these same struggles!


— Future drive-ins for the deaf at all McDonalds?

We have complained for years that McDonald’s drive-ins
are not friendly to us. Hopefully this will change – four
McDonald’s drive-ins at Morganton, NC (near North Carolina
SD) now have push buttons at the kiosks. It alerts the
inside staff that the driver is deaf and to give him the
order clipboard. If this experiment is successful then
hopefully the McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, IL
will install these special push buttons at all McDonald’s
outlets in USA!


— A deaf manager of world’s most popular fast food chain

Olivia Eson, just 20 years old, is deaf and is the manager
of McDonald’s at Bloomington, Illinois. She just won the
McDonald’s Chicago Region Crew Person of the Year honor, and
she is taking classes to move up on the McDonald’s management
ladder. She started working at McDonald’s at the age of 15 and
has made it her career. Yes, she deals with customers and with
her employees on a daily basis. DeafDigest does not think
she knows ASL.

— A college almost did not allow a deaf student to graduate!

Kelly Laatsch is a deaf junior at Central Michigan University.
Her goal is to become a teacher of the deaf. Because of a
crazy state rule, the college told her she is not allowed
to graduate! The rule is that all students must speak in English
(without an interpreter). When this story hit the newspapers
and TV news shows, the embarrassed college agreed to allow
her to graduate!