DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 18, 2012

— A letter by Beethoven in 1823

In 1823, four years before Beethoven died, he wrote letters
asking for money to fund a big musical event, the Missa Solemnis.
It was to be the greatest achievement of his composing career.
There was a problem – Beethoven was broke and couldn’t afford
this new project. So, he wrote letters, asking for money.
One such letter was saved for many years, and it is being
auctioned off now. Auctioneers said this letter is valued
about $131,000! Missa Solemnis? It was a flop, and Beethoven
died, disappointed about it.

— Long time deaf employees becoming rare

A newspaper posted a story on Richard Anderson, a deaf
post office employee in Ohio. He is retiring after 41
years at the same job. In the past many deaf employees
spent 40-45 years at same job (factory or newspaper
plant). Not any more. There are layoffs, employer
buy outs, factory closings, etc. If we see a deaf
person employed for 40 years, it is from job to job,
not at one job.


— A surprise demand by a mother of 3 deaf children

A hearing mother of 3 deaf children, made a demand that is
surprising. She was attending an election rally in India and
confronted candidate Gurmeet Singh Sodhi, not deaf. She
demanded that that Sodhi give a free house for her and her
3 deaf children!. This shocked candidate immediately
promised her a house, only if he is elected! As we all know,
politicians anywhere in the world, make promises, hoping
to get votes. And that almost all of these promises are

— A deaf carpenter on a reality TV program

Michael Arwood, is deaf and he is a carpenter. He joined
the construction crew that worked on a new home in the
Knoxville, Tennessee area – that will be shown on the
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition TV program. He was recently
interviewed on a local TV news program.

— CART eyeglasses in few years?

Lumus, a high tech company, is manufacturing a special
eyeglasses where people can see images in front of them
while walking. Already it is used by jet pilots, surgeons
and military forces. This company is also manufacturing
different designs for movies and video games. What
about the deaf? Lumus could also possibly create
CART eyeglasses. It could be used when a deaf person
talks to a hearing person on the street. The deaf
person would need a small microphone so that the CART
operator will know when to start captioning. Will this
happen? Who knows!