DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 9, 2011

— Twitter comes to the rescue of the deaf in Australia

Twitter has many values, including helping the deaf
Australians! In USA, you watch a TV program that is
supposed to be captioned, But if captions disappear,
you need to make a relay call with the TV station to
tell them to turn it on. but with the TV station NBN
in Newcastle, New South Wales, it is different.
Deaf viewers can send a twitter message to tell the
TV station to turn on captions! The twitter is @nbntech.

— An embarrassing national emergency test!

The FCC told everyone, the deaf included, that a national
emergency test would be held last week. But two things
went wrong. First, people thought it was an actual
emergency, and not just a test message! Second, for us,
the deaf, the test emergency warning was NOT captioned
or even NOT texted.

Hmm, we know this famous phrase:
The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry


— A confused hard of hearing judge can be a scary judge!

Judge Jamie Tabor, himself hard of hearing, of the
Gloucester Crown Court (United Kingdom), was questioning
a defendant, arrested because of a public incident with a
police officer.

The judge asked the defendant:
What is your job?

The defendant said something. The judge though the
defendant said:
I am a burglar

Not believing what the defendant said, the judge asked:
Did you say you were a burglar?

The defendant said:
No. I am a ground worker (same type of job as construction
subcontractor in USA).

Whew! The judge then gave the defendant a community
service sentence.

DeafDigest says the judge needs a CART!


— It is piracy if bad captioning quality is improved!

Yes, the FCC requires providers to caption their
programs. But what if the captioning is lousy? And
that the second provider removes first provider’s
bad captions and replaces it with better captions?
The FCC would call this – piracy! Why? These complicated
copyright laws.

— Comparing a Deaf House in USA and a Deaf House in Japan?

What is a Deaf House in USA? Look at:

What is a Deaf House in Japan? Look at:

Many pictures; husband and wife are both deaf.