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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 11, 2014

– a theater stops being accessible to the deaf

For years, Ruth MacMullen, a deaf woman, has attended
captioned shows at the York Theatre Royal in York, United
Kingdom. These shows took place every Saturday, making it
easy for her to attend. Suddenly, without warning, this
theater changed its captioned shows to Fridays. She and
her deaf family are angry because they work during the week.
What did the theatre say? “We feel more people will attend on
Fridays, instead of Saturdays.”

– another new residential home for the deaf

For the past ten years we have seen several new residential
homes for the deaf in USA. Now add Rochester, NY to the list.
The Christa Cos., a developer, is proposing a new residental
home for the deaf on West Henrietta Road in Henrietta, not
too far from Rochester.
This is great news because deaf population in the Rochester
area is one of the highest in the nation.


– a special chair for the deaf

Is there such a thing as a Deaf Chair? This chair is special
because it has a hearing aid built into it! What is this
all about. King John VI of United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil
and the Algarves, was deaf and needed a device to help him
hear when communicating with the people.
Confusing? Yes. This chair was built in 1819. United Kingdom
of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves only lasted for a few
years at that time before dissolving.
Electronic hearing aids were not invented until many
years later. The 1819 hearing aid was a long tube that
amplified the sounds that went into it.




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