When Gallaudet had its first football team in 1883, one of the
pioneering players was Thomas Lynch. He was from Illinois.
Gallaudet records show that he was a member of the class of
1886, though he did not graduate.

There was a Thomas Lynch that pitched just one game for
the Chicago White Stockings in the National League in
1884. He also was listed as coming from Illinois.

Same Thomas Lynch that played Gallaudet football in
1883 and played for Chicago White Stockings in 1884?

Or two different athletes named Thomas Lynch, both
coming from Illinois?

The late eminent deaf baseball researcher Ralph
LinWeber compiled a list of deaf players that
played professional baseball. There were 15
players on the list. Thomas Lynch was not on
the list. Did LinWeber overlook Lynch or felt
that Lynch was actually hearing?

And speaking of two men named Thomas Lynch
coming from Illinois, do keep in mind that
the 1949 Gallaudet football team had two
quarterbacks with the same name – Marvin Tuttle
(though their middle names were different).

Also, would it be possible for Lynch to drop
out from Gallaudet and suddently emerge as
a major leaguer within a short time frame?

A continuing mystery.