This is a true story.

A deaf man was dating a deaf woman. After the date,
he was chatting with the deaf woman in the living
room of her house. The deaf woman, wearing a hearing
aid, heard repeated thumping. She was afraid it was
her angry father, upset at his daughter staying out
late at night.

The noise got louder and louder. The scared deaf
woman told the deaf man to go home now – afraid of
“confrontation” with her angry father.

The deaf man did not see the deaf woman for
several years. They bumped into each other at a
social event; she told him the truth – that it
was a burglar “trapped” in the house and couldn’t

When the father woke up in the morning, he found
the house ransacked. The angry father thought
it was the deaf man that was the burglar and told
police about it. The deaf woman had to explain
to her father that it was not the deaf man that
burglarized the house.