Bob Carley, an oralist, who did not sign, passed
away some years ago.
In the great hockey state of Minnesota, Bob was
probably the only deaf player who was a high level
hockey star.
He played for St Paul Academy and then University
of Minnesota during the early forties.
The only mention of Carley on any of the web sites
is this:

Under coach Max Sporer, St. Paul Academy in a three span starting in 1941
sported a 33-2-0 performance. Bob Carley and Harry Bratnober, who played
for SPA during this period, later performed for the Minnesota Gophers

Not only in hockey he excelled at University of
Minnesota, he was also a football star. He was
an end with the Gophers.
Could Bob have had a professional career in
NHL or even in the NFL?
One will never know. He was hit on the eye in a hockey
practice at Minnesota, and it immediately ended his
athletic career.
After leaving University of Minnesota, because of
the eye injury, he stayed in the St Paul area and
coached youth hockey for many years.