The late Victor Galloway had a resume that seems
to be miles-long, but there is one accomplishment that
many people remember him the most. He was cast as
the father of Meryl Streep In the movie “The River
Wild” which also starred Kevin Bacon.

Deaf actors auditioned for that role, but Victor,
with no acting experience won this acting assignment.

The screenwriters inserted a deaf role into the plot.
A crazy mad man (Kevin Bacon) held several people
hostage on a small boat. How could the trapped hostage
(Meryl Streep) be able to communicate without using
voice? Alas a sign language person, hence the deaf role.

And also, it was a matter of looks. Victor’s silver
hair, was a perfect fit for the role as Meryl’s father!

While Victor wished for more movie roles, it was his
first and last venture into a career in acting.