The most amazing thing during the Eastern
Schools for the Deaf basketball tournament
took place in 1958.

The championship finals between New Jersey
and Western Pennsylvania was a 44-44 tie
with just 11 seconds remaining.

Albert Malefyt, who had not played at all
during the first two tournament games,
was inserted into the game. Foul trouble
wiped out the bench and Malefyt was the
only New Jersey sub available.

He took the ball in the backcourt,
dribbled ahead and hit on a 40 foot
shot for the winning basket.

The Western Pennsyvania defense got lazy
and backed off, thinking there was no
way Malefyt would hit on the winning shot,
and was looking forward to overtime play.

Malefyt only had one hand, and had to
depend on it to control the ball, to
dribble the ball and to take the shot!