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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 21, 2020

— tossing out cigarettes at a risk

Wolverhampton, a city in Great Britain, has a new law
that would heavily fine smokers for throwing out
their cigarettes into trash cans. This reminds
DeafDigest editor of a deaf club – Detroit
Association of the Deaf. That club had posted
signs warning members that they would be fined
for tossing their cigarettes onto the floor.
Reason – more work for cleaning crew to sweep
the club floors. Amount of fine? Just 25 cents,
but that was way back in the 1970’s.


— deaf truckers vs anti-deaf truckers

The hearing truckers are saying deaf cannot drive trucks
because they cannot hear bad tires, air leaks, engine
failures, bad brakes, knocking engines and pre-ignition
issues. Deaf truckers said they have been driving
trucks for some 30 years and have never experienced
these issues. Always a first time – but deaf truckers
have this 6th sense that tells them something is
wrong and they will pull over the highway!


— screens to order food

Many fast food chains have screens to allow all customers,
including the deaf, to place their orders without
misunderstandings with the kitchen staff. A perfect
solution? Well, a deaf person could press on the
wrong button – and have a hard time explaining it
with the staff, or even trying to explain credit
card issues. Even when the screen has this “cancel”
option, there may be mistakes that are hard to explain!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 20, 2020

— very deaf juice stand operator no one knows about his deafness

Ilitai Masilaca is deaf but is valued by his boss as
a juice stand operator, serving over 200 juices per day.
Customers come to him to buy juices and then walk away,
totally unaware of his deafness. He has no speech and cannot
lipread and communicates by gestures, a fact that busy
customers, in a hurry, do not notice! Not in USA, but in
Suva, Fiji.


— a troubling agreement by a police department

St Paul (Minnesota) Police Department lost a lawsuit
over refusal to provide a deaf person that wanted to
file a domestic assault report. What was troubling
was the agreement that ASL interpreters will be
provided each time a deaf person needs it! Many,
many, many deaf people do not use ASL and so,
an ASL interpreter is useless to them! This
agreement needs to be revised to provide all
types of communication, and not just ASL
interpreters alone.


— efforts in Martha’s Vineyard to revive sign language

Deaf historians all know that people in Martha’s
Vineyard, years and years way back, communicated
in sign language because so many residents of that
isolated island, were deaf. It was not ASL but
more of MVSL – meaning Martha’s Vineyard Sign
Language. MVSL died out when the last deaf
resident, in the 1950’s, passed away. There
are efforts, right now, by several island
natives to revive the sign language. Reminds
DeafDigest editor of efforts by several deaf
people in the Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova
Scotia, and Prince Edward Island) to revive
its own dying sign language.


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