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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 24, 2020

— nation’s only deaf and world’s only deaf?

‘Deaf Trucker Girl’ whose real name is Candice Lureman
was profiled in an Australian newspaper as her nation’s
only deaf female truck driver – and – as the world’s
only deaf female allowed to drive super-huge trucks.
DeafDigest editor is not sure of the “world’s only”
distinction that the newspaper claims. This being
said, do we have other deaf female super truckers
that we don’t know about?


— rating these small towns according to criteria

WalletHub, a personal finance web site, ran a survey
of Ohio’s 186 small towns – these real, as-is small
towns, not part of a bigger metro area. One of the
criteria WalletHub used to rate these small towns
is this:

a school district with a well-run program for deaf children

While this is a good criteria, how would WalletHub
determine if a school district in one small town
is better than another school district in another
small town? WalletHub people are financial
specialists, not deaf education specialists!


— Streetcar 82 helping town politics

Streetcar 82 is a well-known deaf operated, deaf
run brewery in Hyattsville, MD. Most of the patrons
are hearing, including the town police chief who
likes to stop by for a pint after he gets off
duty. Anyway the local Hyattsville government
is testing closed captions on webcasts of
council meetings. Did Streetcar 82 push for
these captions? Surely, not – but every council
member knows what Streetcar 82 is all about,
as a symbol of a deaf-owned business doing
Hyattsville proud. Come to a council member
with a deaf issue, and he will immediately
think of Streetcar 82.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 23, 2020

— financially challenging times for deaf service agencies

Because of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act becoming effective
this year, the nonprofit agencies, especially those that
work with the deaf, will face new challenges in fund
raising. This law raises the amount of money one could
donate – just to get a tax break. Challenges mean
creating better ways to get donations – face to face
meetings with donors, using social media to create
agency visibility, staying with agency goals
amd missions, hosting one or two annual BIG fundraisers,
be open with public on what deaf agency have been
doing for deaf clients and also on missions and goals.
Keep in mind, this is not just a Deaf Agency challenge
but a challenge for all agencies (deaf and hearing).


— Deaf Glass Bottle has a great value

Way back in 1880’s deaf artist Andrew Clemens
specialized in putting layers of sand of different
colors into tall glass bottles. His glass bottles
sold for just a few dollars at that time. During
an episode of the TV Antiques Roadshow program,
an appraiser estimated that Clemens’ work would
be valued at $30,000 – $50,000 nowadays!


— laws on truck drivers and the deaf truck driver

Even though the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
has given about 600 waivers to allow deaf individuals
to attend trucking schools and become full time truck
drivers, the anti-deaf trucking restrictions are still
on the administration books. There is a “war” going on –
instructors of truck driving schools do not want deaf
truck drivers; agencies that work with the deaf want
the deaf to be allowed to drive trucks. At this point,
no one knows what it is going to happen.



Deaf jobs – latest update

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