DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 24, 2019

— typical day of ASL interpreter

What is the typical day of ASL interpeter?
There is no such a thing as a typical
day is what the interpreter said! Some days
it starts early and continues until late
at night – moving around different locations.
Some days the interpreter stays with just
one deaf person. Some days, no interpreting
assignments – so just stays home to catch up
with invoicing paperwork.


— biggest complaint about TV captions

Students at a deaf school had one complaint
about TV captions. They said captions stay on
the screen for only a few seconds during news
programs. These quickly changing captions
prevent these students from reading the
lines in full.


— new Ohio pilot program helps the deaf

At Ohio School for the Deaf, a pilot program
is going on – with the asisstance of
Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities
and the Ohio Department of Higher Education.
Deaf adults go online to get instruction
in basic courses. Responses from deaf adult
students have been positive.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 23, 2019

— Volkswagen trying to be deaf-friendly

A deaf advisory group was asked by Volkswagen
in a recent meeting in Washington, DC on how
to make their cars deaf-friendly. Hope
the Volkswagen people have listened to the
deaf instead of tuning out the advice.



— comment by a hearing actor

A hearing actor made this coment in a
newspaper interview. He said:

I enjoy playing deaf in the play. It is
a fun character for me.

We always hate it when hearing actors
play deaf roles, and this comment
only makes us hate it more.



— deaf sports funding; Canada yes, USA no

The Amateur Sports Act of 1978 was supposed
to help the USA Deaflympics group with funding.
For a short time, there was funding but no
more. Well, the Canadian government will be
contributing almost $800,000 to help fund
Deaf Canadians’ participation in Deaflympics.
Zero funding from USA. A big shame!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 22, 2019

— things with deaf students at hearing colleges

A deaf student at a hearing college said these
things are – having two interpreters, having two
captioners, using video relay services all the time,
teaching ASL with hearing classmates yet these
hearing classmates being too busy with their own
studies to help out communicate in ASL, no-shows
or absences among interpreters and captioners,
professors’ negative attitudes, arguments and
disagreements with administrators on exactly
what ADA is supposed to do, and so on.


— typewriter invented to help the deaf

True or false that Alexander Graham Bell invented
the telephone in hopes of helping the deaf to hear?
Well, there is another tale – that a typewriter
was invented in 1867 by Rasmus Malling-Hansen
in hopes of helping the deaf to speak better by
using their fingers on the keyboard! True or false?
Now – put together the telephone and the typewriter
and there was a 1964 TTY invention by Robert
Weitbrecht! This one is VERY true.


— vague ADA rules and guidelines

An attorney, specializing in Disability Law, has accused
the Federal government and the Department of Justice of
not giving out clear guidelines on ADA regulations. He
also said that this is the reason for the glut of ADA
lawsuits choking the American court system!



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