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DeafDigest – 16 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 16, 2020

— not every hearing foreign person knows gestures

Nyle DiMarco, in an interview, said:

The biggest advantage of being deaf while traveling
is that so many people in foreign countries are incredible
at gesture

Is he correct? Well, DeafDigest editor and his wife
was having breakfast at a restaurant in Barcelona,
Spain. Keep in mind, people of Madrid gesture all
the time with each other, not that so in Barcelona.
Anyway the editor wanted eggs as scrambled and made
a gesture to indicate scrambling. The waitress couldn’t
understand it so asked her shift manager, whom did not
understand it. The manager asked the cook to come
over, and after struggling with the gesture he
finally figured it out as “scrambled.” Took about
five minutes just for a simple, and routine
breakfast order! Scrambled eggs in Barcelona?
The best!


— federal judge dismisses ADA interpreting case

A federal judge in Georgia dismissed an ADA
interpreting case. The interpreter was not
certified but was hired at the last minute
as requested by a deaf patient for a medical
appointment. Why was it dismissed? The judge
said the clinic followed ADA rules but was not
at fault due to this last minute request.


— a big issue almost invisible in the deaf community

People park their cars in garages inside their
houses, and accidentally leave the engine
running, leading to carbon monoxide. Forgetful
hearing people can hear the engine and run back
to the garage to shut it off. Not so with the
deaf. A national deaf leader died in 1968 for
that reason. There is a lawsuit against
Toyota for not installing a flashing signaler
to warn of engine still running or to
auto-shut off the engine.


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