The more a non-smoker stands next to a smoker, the higher the
risk of hearing loss, says a team of researchers

Non-smokers can become deaf through passive smoking

A team of researchers at University of Florida and University
of Miami, have agreed that passive smoking may increase
the possibility of deafness.

Over 3,300 non-smokers of all ages were tested and which was
how these scientists came up with the conclusion.

The lesson here; if your friend smokes, stay away from him
until he stubs out his cigarette.


Advice from a former deaf legislator for future deaf legislators.

Sigurlín Margrét Sigurðardóttir served as an elected member of
the Iceland parliament, 2003-2007.

Her advice for future deaf legislators:
– acquire strong written language skills
– read all you can on politics
– be involved with deaf politics on all levels
– write articles on politics and issues
– make contacts everywhere, both deaf and hearing


A deaf Sign Language rapper that hearing people love

The deaf rapper, Signmark (real name not known)
uses sign language to sing his songs, without voice.

Hearing people love it because Signmark works with
a hearing rapper Brandon that voices out these

Signmark just toured New York City and won praises.


Canada’s future deaf hairdresser shows promise

If deaf women of Ontario wish to have their
hair done, they could go and see Aleksandra Stanojevic,
a 22-year old deaf woman, who is learning to become
a hairdresser.

She has dreams of opening her own full service
spa after she completes her training courses
at Niagara College.


NAD’s list of Year 2010 accomplishments

* NAD advocated for passage of the Twenty-First Century Communications
and Video Accessibility Act

* NAD called for swift action by International Congress on the
Education of the Deaf (ICED) to formally reject resolutions passed
at its 2nd Congress (also known as the 1880 Milan Congress).

* NAD pushed for U.S.A ratification of the United Nations Convention
on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CPRD)

* NAD celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities
Act (ADA) with U.S. President Obama at the White House

* NAD vigorously defended the rights of deaf and hard of hearing
professionals and consumers in several court cases.