DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 27, 2012

— Lipreading and twitter

Could a deaf person lipread and then send comments on twitter? Julia Probst, a deaf German woman, is doing that during the Euro 2012 soccer matches on TV. She watches the lips of German players and texts comments on twitter to her 8,000 followers. It forced the German coach to be careful with his comments. The soccer Euro 2012 is the same as our own Super Bowl.


— Captions on new TV sets

The law says all TV sets are required to have captions. But is it a joke? Captions are difficult to turn on with new TV sets. Captions were easier to turn on with old TV sets. A bartender complained about it with DeafDigest editor. His bar threw out old TV sets and put in new TV sets and the bartenders struggle for a long time to turn on captions!


— A deaf actress on new Dallas TV series

The new Dallas TV series has a deaf actress. It is Charlene Tilton. She hides her hearing aids inside her hairstyling. Her role is of Lucy Ewing Cooper, the daughter of Jock and Miss Ellie’s second son Gary Ewing and the niece of J.R. and Bobby Ewing. She hid her deafness for many years because she was afraid directors would not hire her if they knew about it.


— Better to be deaf than to be dead!

Tuberculosis (TB) is back and is dangerous. Old drugs stopped TB but not anymore. New drug may stop TB but there are risks – to be deaf or to be dead! New drug is painful and healing takes a long time. Some patients hate new drug because of pain. If they refuse new drug, they risk death. If they accept new drug, they may risk deafness. The World Health Organization is looking for a better drug that is not painful.


— Blockbuster just as bad as Netflix?

We all hate Netflix because the company won’t caption all of their videos. What about Blockbuster? Said a deaf person who watches videos:

If you want to rent a movie from a Blockbuster Kiosk, there is no way to know if it is captioned or not. I have been asking Blockbuster for several years about it. Their only response was this:

We’re looking into it


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