DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 25, 2012

— illegal for police to communicate with deaf in ASL?

A hearing advocate visited the jail in Santa Fe, New Mexico to make sure the deaf inmate was being treated well. But the advocate became angry when a police officer, fluent in ASL, but not an interpreter, communicated with the deaf inmate. The advocate said the police officer broke the state law by illegally communicating with the deaf since he lacked an interpreter certificate! The police said the advocate was making a crazy accusation.


— a vacation at a “disability-friendly” hotel room

A deaf traveler checked in with a hotel and told the front desk  clerk that she is deaf. The front desk clerk then placed her  in a “disabled” room with huge bathroom, low toilet seat, hand  bars everywhere, extra-large room signs, etc, etc. The hotel  said it is the “deaf” room. Crazy? Probably so.


— the dumbest hearing criminal caught using a deaf device

We are always reading stories of these dumbest hearing criminals. There is one in Hungary. A hearing criminal used a TTY, dialing up the Police Hotline for the Deaf. He offered stolen guns for sale. The police then agreed to meet the hearing criminal, and then arrested him!


— angry small town debate over “Deaf Child” sign

Hastings is a small town in Minnesota, population over 22,000.  A mother wanted a “deaf child” sign posted in her neighborhood to warn drivers of her deaf daughter. The town government said no,  saying such a sign would not force speeding drivers to slow down, and that it would be a waste of time and money and for traffic  monitoring. Fortunately for the deaf girl, the council overruled the town government in a bitter debate!


— Unqualified Arkansas ASL interpreter keeps her job!

The Arkansas government hired a person with no ASL skills as  an interpreter. Ignored were others that had much better  qualifications. The hiring angered the Deaf Community, but  the person who hired her said she is a great interpreter.   Before a showdown could take place it was announced that the “interpreter” will attend interpreting classes at  University of Arkansas at Little Rock. And no one is  allowed to “chat” with her in ASL in her office. What  will happen if she flunks out of her interpreting classes?


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