DeafDigest Weekend Special edition, September 28, 2012

— A needle inserted into the eyes of two deaf people

Tim Crump had a needle inserted into his eye. He said
it feels not too bad. He is deaf and has Usher syndrome.
Soon, his sister Chelsea, also deaf and also with
Usher syndrome, will have a needle inserted into her eye.
These needles deliver DNA into their eyes. It is a gene
therapy that doctors at the Oregon Health & Science
University feel may possibly help them defeat Usher
snydrome. This is why Tim and Chelsea were not scared
of needles into their eyes.



— Deaf audience at a theater seeing cops making an arrest

At Malawi, during Deaf Awareness event, two hearing
comedians were performing on stage, acting as
“police officers” with toy guns. Suddenly the real
police came on the stage and arrested these two fake
“police officers.” Why? They thought the toy guns
were real guns. Fortunately for these comedians,
the police let them go after some questioning!
Even with interpreters the deaf audience were
shocked at what they saw!



— A big reward at Olympics for a deaf person

During the London Olympics and Paralympics,
the British hosts hired 50 student chefs from a
culinary program at a college. Their jobs were to
serve meals for these hungry athletes. One of
these student chefs was Ryan Easton, who is deaf.
He prepared meals that were so delicious that
when the Olympics ended, he was given a job
as a chef at a London restaurant!


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 26, 2012

– eleven different sign language skill levels

People working with the deaf are evaluated on their sign
language skills. There are eleven different skill levels.
These levels are:

Superior Plus
Advanced Plus
Advanced – good but not the best
Intermediate Plus
Intermediate – average
Survival Plus
Novice Plus
Novice – struggling with fingerspelling
No Functional Skills – zero knowledge


– a Court in India forces medical school to accept a deaf applicant

Rajashree Khaund, a deaf woman in India, wanted to become a doctor.
The Jorhat Medical College rejected her because of her deafness.
She filed a lawsuit. The Gauhati High Court ruled in her favor,
forcing the medical school to accept her. She is now attending
classes. We have few deaf physicans in USA.


— a two minute deaf video takes a very long time to produce

A video of fingerspelling each letter from A to Z and
each number from zero to 9 may be about two minutes
long. But to produce that video requires tiring 6 days of
computer editing work and to put in captions!


– an election deaf campaign manager

Campaign managers try to help their candidates
win elections. They raise funds, do advertising,
and get the votes. It is a tough job for a hearing
person. What about the deaf? In Rosny Sous Bois, France,
a city of 40,000 near Paris, Raphaël Button, a deaf
leader, was a campaign manager for a hearing candidate
in the city manager election. His candidate lost by 128
votes out of 22,000 votes cast. Button said:

The campaign was hard for me but not impossible and
it was rewarding


— champion Ashley Fiolek no more in Women’s Motocross

Ashley Fiolek, who won her 4th Women’s Motocross championship
in 5 seasons, will not race again in that event. She wants
to compete in endurocross or truck racing or X Games or races
against men! Why is she getting out of Women’s Motocross? She
is tired of this event and wants bigger challenges.

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DeafDigest Gold – September, 23 2012

DeafDigest Gold – September, 23 2012

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DeafDigest Blue – September 23, 2012

DeafDigest Blue – September 23, 2012

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 19, 2012


— Could deaf people see sounds?

Could deaf people see sounds? The Korea Advanced Institute
of Science and Technology built a special eyeglasses; the lens
flash when there are sounds. The “bulbs inside the lens are
thin wire strings. DeafDigest wonders if repeated flashing
will bother the deaf person wearing that eyeglasses?


— Amara helping Netflix with captions?

We all know that Netflix is slow to caption their videos.
It was learned that Amara, a captioning company, is
captioning some of Netflix’s uncaptioned videos.
Both companies are not talking anything too much
about it, except to say it is an experiment. Just
wait and see. Remember Netflix is involved in a lawsuit.


— Future TV sets to understand ASL?

No more remote with future TV sets? Well, engineers
from Aberdeen University in Scotland are working
on sign language commands to tell the TV to change
channels! Not just that, these sign language
commands could turn on room lights. Lab experiments
have been successful and soon there will be
field tests in some homes in Scotland to see if
it works everyday in real life.


— Deaf police officers in Mexico

In Oaxaca, Mexico (population 270,000), there are deaf
police officers. Their only job is to watch 230 TV security
cameras 24 hours a day. Why the deaf? The city officials felt
the deaf can lipread what criminals are saying on TV and that
they read body language better than hearing police officers.
None of these deaf police officers, however, walk the streets,
carry their guns and arrest the criminals. But they are certified
Police Officers the same as with hearing police officers.


— A computer that can lipread!

A team of researchers at Manipal International University
in Malaysia is building a computer that can read lips.
They say this project is getting better. The computer watches
face expressions – happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust,
surprise and neutral looks. The computer also watches upper
and lower lips. Does DeafDigest believe it? No! But these
Malaysian researchers say it is being done.



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