DeafDigest Blue – November 18, 2012

DeafDigest Blue – November 18, 2012

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 14, 2012


— a hospital polluting a school for the deaf in India

The Wockhardt Hospital poured bio-medical waste on the
property of the nearby Shankar Nagar School for the Deaf,
thus polluting the campus. The local government was angry
and fined the hospital a big amount of money and ordered the
school property to be cleaned up. Maybe the hospital don’t
care about the deaf? Hearing people of India say deaf people
are deaf mutes.


— a follow up on the near-riot in soccer involving a deaf player

DeafDigest mentioned a deaf British soccer player, causing
a near riot when he confronted the fans that were mocking
his deafness. It was learned that the reason fans were
mocking him was because he, lacking speech skills, used
funny noise to communicate with his teammates during the
game. The owner of the club that the deaf player was
competing against is John Griffin, the wealthy owner of
a taxi cab fleet. The owner made things worse by mocking
the player’s deafness. Public uproar forced Griffin to
apologize! And Griffith forgot one thing – that some of
his taxi customers are deaf.


— a Coda politician that helps the deaf

We have a Coda governor in USA (South Dakota). Does he
really help the deaf? Good question – but in Australia,
there is a Coda Member of the Parliament (MP) that wants
to help the deaf. MP David Gibson is fighting for
improvement in Australia’s text paging services to
give access to the deaf in case of emergencies. A
perfect example would be a car breakdown by a deaf
driver in the Outbacks. Population is very low in
that huge area of land.


— will the Deaf Beer die?

A popular craft beer in New Zealand is Emerson’s.
This small brewery was started in 1992 by Richard
Emerson, who is deaf. New Zealanders rate Emerson’s
as one of the best beers around. Will it die? Well,
this brewery was sold to a Japanese brewery and
there are rumors that the new owners will shut
down that beer. Already people in New Zealand
are upset about it.


— past NAD Executive Director Nancy J Bloch in a new job

Nancy J Bloch served the NAD as Executive Director for
19 years before stepping down. She is now in a new
position – Executive Director of communications and
public records at Florida School for the Deaf and
Blind, reporting to president Jeanne Glidden Prickett.
Nancy is returning home, as she was born and raised
in Florida.

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