DeafDigest Gold – December 30, 2012

DeafDigest Gold – December 30, 2012

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 26, 2012

— The deaf and the police in New York City

Deaf Justice Coalition is a new organization in New York
City. If you asked the police for help and got no help?
Or if you were arrested and police did not treat you well?
These are what the Deaf Justice Coalition wants to know.
It is a coalition of different deaf organizations in
New York City. They want to work with the police to help
improve deaf-police relationships.


— a growing empire by a deaf business person

Many of us know that deaf Evelyn Glennie is one of the world’s
best known musicians (percussionist). Many of us do not realize
she has a growing business empire. She had to buy a new building
as headquarters for her business empire. Her empire includes:

1. musical performances
2. motivational speeches
3. musical consultant
4. jewelry designs
5 writing books
6. museum showing 2,000 musical instruments
7. museum showing musical songs


— a blind sports team owner discriminating against deaf fans?

The Cleveland Cavaliers agreed with Department of Justice to
provide captions at the Quicken Loans Arena. This agreement
is strange. Gordon Lund, former majority owner, and now
the minority owner, is blind. He founded Foundation Fighting
Blindness. Yet the Cavaliers would not provide captions until
recently. Blind discriminating against the deaf?


— a deaf hypnotist who never went to school

George Wood, a deaf man from Scotland, is a hypnotist.
His clients are hearing. He lipreads to communicate with them.
He never went to school to learn hypnotism. He taught himself
hypnotism by researching the internet. He has been performing
hypnotism at hearing social events for two years. It is his
full time job.


— a patent for a magic hearing aid

Howard Samuels, a deaf man, has filed a patent for a “magic”
hearing aid. Magic? Yes, today’s hearing aids have switches for
power, volume control, program selection, etc. He invented a
hearing aid that operates by a motion sensor. It turns on
the hearing aid without touching it. Patent? US Patents
Office is always slow with approval of patents. It may take
a long time.



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