DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 31, 2013

— an embarrassing wrong spelling of Gallaudet

Many people misspell Gallaudet. It is no big deal, but when
a newspaper misspells Gallaudet it is embarrassing. Newspapers
are careful about grammar, spelling and style – yet the
Washington City Paper (not Washington Post) misspelled Gallaudet
twice in a recent article. This paper had Gallaudet spelled as
Galludet! The editorial staff probably had their faces red
when the story was published and distributed and fingers
pointed at them!


— a scary deaf scam email

DeafDigest editor received a scam email below:
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 10:09:31 -0500 (EST)
From: (a well known deaf criminal, name not mentioned)
To: (a strange email address, not barry@deafdigest.com)
Subject: Real Estate Investment

Check out the latest and available properties, CLICK HERE. for immediate access.
Please sign on with your email.



This well known deaf person is in prison, yet there were emails
with his name on it! Did he mail these out from the prison e-mail
system or someone was scamming the deaf prisoner’s email address?
More likely a hearing scammer was scamming a deaf scammer!

Anyway if you see such scam emails with messages like
“I can only email you because of being hearing impaired” then
immediately delete these and never open these links.


— several Super Bowl facts and the deaf

We have had two football players, with some hearing loss, that played
in the Super Bowl. Who were they?

Reggie Williams, Cincinnati Bengals, two Super Bowls, 1982 and 1989;
he didn’t know he had a hearing loss until he was in 3rd grade

Mike Singletary, Super Bowl 1986;
he had to wear a hearing aid all his life

We have had two profoundly deaf players in the NFL – Kenny Walker and
Bonnie Sloan but they never played in the Super Bowl.

Baltimore Ravens? Well, when the Ravens built their own new
stadium, the late owner, Art Modell wanted the huge scoreboard
to be captioned. His son John Modell was honored by the Maryland
Association of the Deaf for his work in setting up the scoreboard
with captions.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 23, 2013


— trying to avoid a drunk driving charge

A deaf driver was stopped in New Jersey on a drunk
driving charge. While there was no interpreter,
the cop communicated fully with the drunk driver
with gestures and notes. The deaf driver told
the cop she understood everything. Yet later she
complained to the judge that she had no interpreter
and didn’t know she had to give a breath sample at
the police headquarters. Is she trying to use her
deafness as an excuse? It is up to the judge and
he will make the decision in few weeks.


— first deaf rapper?

Who is the first deaf rapper? The late Shawn Dale
Barnett said he was. People are saying that Sean
Forbes is. And now this – Prinz-D (first name not
known) is saying that he is. He lives near Gallaudet
University and was originally from Alabama. Will
every new deaf rapper still say they were the first
deaf rapper? There is so much jealousy in the
world of music, both deaf and hearing.


— a stolen purse

A deaf woman’s purse was stolen. Inside the purse was her
cochlear implant equipment. Maybe the purse is not the
best place to hold the CI if a deaf woman takes it off?
Anyway, the store video caught robbery. The police is
studying the video to see if the thief’s identification
could be made.


— what has become of Heather Whitestone?

As we all know, Heather Whitestone, a deaf woman,
won the 1995 Miss America pageant. Since then we have
not heard much from her. What has become of her
nowadays? She lives in Seaisland, Georgia, with
her husband and is expecting her fourth child.
She has written four books and makes public appearances
from time to time.

— a full ASL TV episode with open captions

On March 4th 2013, the ‘Switched at Birth’ will be
fully ASL, with no voice. Just to be on the safe
side for hearing people, the program will be open
(not closed) captioned. TV people are saying it will
be a groundbreaking moment. Many hearing people
hate open captions. Will they watch that special
ASL-only, open-captioned program? If not, then
ratings will go down!


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DeafDigest Pre-Inauguration special, January 18, 2013


— the Navy SEAL training program with the deaf

the Navy SEALs is an elite unit with the US Navy,
assigned to perform dangerous military assignments.
Could a deaf person become a Navy SEAL? Well,
a group of Gallaudet students went through a
real SEAL training program. Navy wanting the
deaf to become SEALs? No. It was the Gallaudet
baseball team that went through a tough 3-day
SEAL drills. Why? Coach Curtis Pride felt it
would be the best way to unite the team, mentally
and physically for the upcoming baseball season.

— be careful with “I Love You” sign

Many people, including hearing” use the “I Love
You” sign. But we have to be careful with it!
Why? Because this sign is an insult to people in
Argentina, Cuba, Italy, Spain and Uruguay! Something
like a dirty sign that we do not know about.

— a deaf chef on TV food show

There are many food and cooking shows on TV. All
these chefs are hearing. We have many talented deaf
chefs but for some reason they are not getting their
TV opportunities in USA. It is different in Australia.
Chef Bonny Porter is deaf and she is one of the star
chefs in the new Australian TV food show –
MasterChef: The Professionals.


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 16, 2013

— useless punishment for anti-deaf judge

Indiana judge Peter Nemeth was punished by the Indiana Commission on
Judicial Qualifications. He told a hearing woman that she had to
pay for ASL interpreter in a court custody hearing involving a deaf boy.
The Indiana Supreme Court agreed with the punishment. But it is useless!
Why? Because Judge Nemeth is already retired! Did he get away with it?



— a deaf bounty hunter?

A bounty hunter chases criminals that skip bail. It can be a
dangerous job as we have learned from watching the old TV series
– Dog, the Bounty Hunter. Anyway, could a brave deaf person become
a bounty hunter? Well, the Joe Schmo Show on the Spike TV network,
is featuring a bounty hunt competition. One of the hopeful bounty
hunters is deaf. What if the deaf man wins, will he get a job as
a bounty hunter? Sorry, the Joe Schmo Show is a reality TV hoax
show. Anything you see on the program is a fake! Funny, yes, but
a fake.


— a debt collector hates the deaf?

Does the Peroutka and Peroutka PA, a law firm in Maryland, hate the deaf?
Especially the deaf that do not pay bills? Well, this law firm specializes
in debt collections – and they refused to accept relay calls from deaf
people that wanted to pay their bills! The angry Justice Department
forced the law firm to reach agreement so that the deaf can use relay
calls in order to pay up their bills.



— a snowman that loves everybody

posted on the internet was a picture of a snowman with his “I Love
You” sign. Where was the picture taken? No one knows because the story
that came with the picture did not go into specific details. Anyway,
this is the first time DeafDigest has seen a picture of a snowman
that loves everybody, especially the neighborhood in his home town.



— a hearing criminal posting a deaf residence sign

Jonathan Lee Riches is a hearing criminal with a long list of
crimes on his police record. One of his crimes was internet
scam. He asked his victims to mail him their personal data
(social security numbers, ATM pin numbers, etc). The house on
the address had a sign that said Deaf Residence, even though
Riches is not deaf. Riches wanted to fool delivery people
into just leaving the envelopes in the mail box without asking
ID questions in person. The cops got wise and arrested him.
He is now in jail.

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