DeafDigest Gold – February 24, 2013

DeafDigest Gold – February 24, 2013

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 22, 2013


— World’s second largest all-deaf family?

A while ago, DeafDigest posted a picture of the Frinks,
possibly the world’s largest all-deaf family. What about
the world’s second largest all-deaf family? Maybe, in India,
the Nair family has 17 deaf members (mother, father plus
15 deaf children). The Frinks family picture is at:

DeafDigest does not have the picture of 17 deaf Nair
family members of India.



— A cable TV company will not help a deaf family

A deaf family was disappointed about not getting
captions on the the TV programs. The cable TV
company would not help the deaf family. Why?
Because the deaf family was pirating the cable TV.
And when there were problems with the captions,
the deaf family was stuck!



— deafness surgery allowed in Italy, illegal in USA

a young deaf child was born without cochlea (a special
bone) that allows people to hear. An implanted device would
be needed to replace the missing cochlea. The Federal Food
and Drug Administration rules are strange. Adults are allowed
to have that operation, but children are not allowed! Italy
allows this operation in children. As a result, this deaf
child is having this operation in Italy! (this is not a CI, just a
different kind of operation).



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 20, 2013


— Hearing diner served by deaf waitress

A deaf woman is a waitress at an expensive restaurant; she
wears two hearing aids to communicate with her patrons. Recently
a hearing diner ordered something; the waitress wrote it down
and then left the table. The diner yelled at her to come back as
he changed mind about the order. The deaf waitress did not hear
him. The diner went to the manager to complain about the “rude”
waitress. The manager explained that she is deaf. The diner was
so embarrassed about the whole thing that he walked out of
the restaurant!



— Two club members surprised to be a brother and a sister

Soccer player Barrie Prowse, not deaf, was adopted. He looked for his
biological family, and was surprised to find that a deaf woman soccer
player with the same Penzance AFC club (England) was his sister!
The men’s and the women’s teams shared the same practice field and
both teams would enjoy beers and socializing at the clubhouse pub.
No one realized that Barrie and Gemma were really brother and sister.
Every one was thrilled about it. Deaf Gemma also plays for the
British Deaf Women’s Deaflympics soccer team.



— World’s richest man refuses to fund deaf relay services

Carlos Slim, from Mexico, is the world’s richest man. He owns
the TracFone Wireless, which sells pre-paid mobile phones.
He is fighting the state of California, refusing to pay
the state universal services fee. This fund, in part,
helps fund the state telecommunications and relay services
for the deaf.



— Another Deaf Fake character in The Joe Schmo Show

A while ago DeafDigest mentioned a fake deaf bounty hunter
in the The Joe Schmo Show. Here is another fake deaf –
A Deaf Ventrilogquist, playing with her “talking dummy” –
which talks so wild that the interpreter cannot catch up with!
A crazy program? Yes, but hearing people love to laugh,
thinking deaf can be funny!



— A city with outdoor emergency flashing sirens

Garland is a city in Texas, with population of nearly
230,000 people. It was praised as one of the best cities
in USA to live in. One of the reasons is an outdoor
emergency flashing sirens – that will alert everybody –
both deaf and hearing, of emergencies. How many deaf
people live in Garland? Do not know, but they can
walk around the city, knowing they will be alerted in
case of emergencies!



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