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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 26, 2013

— a deaf school has more offices than students

A deaf school has more offices than students.
These offices are not for the deaf school programs,
but for the local government agencies! People are
complaining that school cannot accept new students
because of no classroom space. Terrible? Yes. Where
in USA is that school? No, it is Lady Noyce Senior
Secondary School for the Deaf in New Delhi, India.



— a deaf postmaster of a small town post office

Greenwood, Nebraska is a tiny town, with just nearly
600 people. It has a new postmaster, Jonathan
Arteaga-Arceo, a graduate of Gallaudet University
and a former employee with the US Department of Health
and Human Services. Town residents have learned how to
communicate with him – gestures, notes, 2-way keyboarding,
speaking slowly, etc. And yes, the post office has
these alerting devices. He originally attended Nebraska
School for the Deaf, and when the school closed permanently,
he transferred to Iowa School for the Deaf.



— be careful of street gestures on your travels

You may travel to Paris or Rome or any other big European
city and see street people begging for money or trying
to sell some junk stuff. Some of them pretend to be
deaf by using gestures that you may think is their own
national sign language! Just walk away because you
may be robbed at the same time you try to understand
their fake-sign gestures.



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