DeafDigest Gold – April 28, 2013

DeafDigest Gold – April 28, 2013

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 26, 2013

— a deaf school has more offices than students

A deaf school has more offices than students.
These offices are not for the deaf school programs,
but for the local government agencies! People are
complaining that school cannot accept new students
because of no classroom space. Terrible? Yes. Where
in USA is that school? No, it is Lady Noyce Senior
Secondary School for the Deaf in New Delhi, India.



— a deaf postmaster of a small town post office

Greenwood, Nebraska is a tiny town, with just nearly
600 people. It has a new postmaster, Jonathan
Arteaga-Arceo, a graduate of Gallaudet University
and a former employee with the US Department of Health
and Human Services. Town residents have learned how to
communicate with him – gestures, notes, 2-way keyboarding,
speaking slowly, etc. And yes, the post office has
these alerting devices. He originally attended Nebraska
School for the Deaf, and when the school closed permanently,
he transferred to Iowa School for the Deaf.



— be careful of street gestures on your travels

You may travel to Paris or Rome or any other big European
city and see street people begging for money or trying
to sell some junk stuff. Some of them pretend to be
deaf by using gestures that you may think is their own
national sign language! Just walk away because you
may be robbed at the same time you try to understand
their fake-sign gestures.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 24, 2013


— more and more vendors are deaf

In Bulawayo, the 2nd largest city in Zimbabwe, it is
impossible for a deaf person to find employment.
Discrimination or bad economy, no matter. As a result,
more and more of them have become street vendors, selling
candy, telephone cards, cell phones, tobacco, etc. They
are doing it illegally since they lack vendors’ licenses.
Are they arrested by the police? No, the police do not
stop them from selling stuff. Said one deaf vendor –
Selling is better than begging.


— an important job does not require license!

In Texas, physicians require license. Attorneys also
require license. Even hair cutters require license.
But one very important job that serves the deaf does
not require license – and it is sign language interpreter!
This the issue – requiring interpreters to be licensed
that is being hotly debated among Texas legislators!


— a deaf man training US Navy Special Forces candidates

Members of the US Navy Special Forces are elite, the
best in the Navy and assigned to perform important
(and risky) assignments – for sake of national security.
They must be in perfect physical condition at all times.
Helping whip Special Forces candidates during training
sessions is Brad Forbes. He is deaf and was a former
champion wrestler in college. No, he is not related to
famous deaf rocker Sean Forbes!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 22, 2013


— why were deaf truck drivers banned in the past?

In the past, US Department of Transportation (DOT) would not allow
deaf truck drivers. Because of deafness? Yes, but deaf people drive
cars with best safety records. We also have deaf auto racers; some
won races. Also deaf motorcyclists. So, why no deaf truck drivers?
DOT was afraid deaf can’t see ambulance, fire and police sirens
and tailgating cars. Also can’t hear if engine is bad.
The DOT knew we can see better than hearing truckers. We hope
DOT will allow more future deaf truck drivers.


— Louisiana governor opposes 2 cent cell phone fees for relay services

Louisiana is broke; governor Bobby Jindal wants state to pay $1 million
for state relay services. He was angry that the House passed a bill to
charge cell phone users 2 cents per month for state relay services.
Why is Jindal angry? He thinks 2 cents per month is not right!


— bullying a girl because of deaf sister!

Elena Delle Donne, not deaf, is one of the world’s best women
basketball players. She will be playing for the Chicago Sky
team in the Women’s NBA. She said when she was growing up,
her classmates bullied her and made fun of her. Why? Because
Elena’s sister, Lizzie, is deaf, blind and with cerebral palsy.
Some hearing children can be very cruel! Elena said the
bullying was hurtful!


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