DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 31, 2013

— A deaf chef on a TV foods contest

Kurt Ramborger, a deaf chef, will be on the
“Chopped” on June 4th. The theme of the program
is “To Be Chopped or not to be Chopped? Kurt,
who is extremely aggressive, vows not to be
chopped. Do look up the time of the program
which is aired on the Food Network Channel.
Kurt, who uses ASL, is a Gallaudet graduate,
has very strong opinions on food and cooking.



— old fashioned TTY machines

TTY machines are old fashioned. Yet, there are about
100,000 people in USA that still use TTY. And
almost 1/3 of relay services are from TTY machines.
And approximately 20,000 911-calls are from TTY
machines. While TTY is still old fashioned, it probably
will not go away from a long time!



— a pro football team signs a Gallaudet player to a contract

Tony Tatum, a Gallaudet football player, has signed a contract
with the Utah Blaze of the Arena Football League. Several NFL
teams were interested but did not draft him or offer him free
agent contract. The Arena Football League is the 3rd highest
level in pro football, below the NFL and the Canadian Football
League. He becomes the third Gallaudet football player to play
on one of the higher pro football levels, Bilbo Monaghan played
with Memphis Tigers in 1932 and Eddie Gobble with Virginia
Sailors in 1967. At Gallaudet, he played defensive back and
opposing quarterbacks avoided passing the ball near him.



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