DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 30, 2013



— National Association of Theater Owners versus the deaf!

The National Association of Theater Owners is very angry.
They do not want to have movies captioned and are planning
to meet with 75 members of the Congress on October 1st!
Will these meetings take place? The federal government may
be shut down, forcing postponement of these meetings?



— police unfair to the deaf in Australia

Australia’s Legal Services Commission and Dignity for Disability
are both complaining that the police do not treat the deaf
fairly. Examples were – police not informing the deaf why they
were arrested; forcing the deaf to lipread the court proceedings
on video; a deaf man pointing to his ear was arrested by police
for assault; police not allowing a deaf person to wear his
hearing aid in the courtroom, etc.



— an advocate complains about Sean Forbes’ music

We all know is that Sean Forbes is the world’s most famous
deaf rocker. A hearing advocate pointed out the irony – that
deaf people may not realize that rock music means loud music.
And that rock music causes deafness in many rock music fans.
The advocate also said that Sean Forbes’ deaf music may be
the cause of deafness in these hearing music fans!





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