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DeafDigest – 01 March 2013

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 28, 2013


— The truth about deaf Belgian twins that wanted to die

We remember the big story about Belgian deaf twins that wanted
to die because they were going blind. True? It was learned later
that they had other health problems – spine, lung, breathing.
When they learned they were also going blind, they were fed up,
and asked the doctor to put them to death. The doctor refused
many times until he gave up and agreed to put them to death.
This is the story the newspapers did not tell us.


— The double-fake sign-singing at Oscar event

Every year at the Oscar Academy Awards ceremony, there are songs to
entertain the audience. A song in the 1979 ceremony was a double fake.
This song “You Light Up My Life” by singer Debby Boone had 11
“deaf” kids sign-singing. The kids were not deaf and their signing
could not be understood! Yet, the hearing audience gave it a loud

— Another “Gallaudet” Washington City Paper spelling error!

Two weeks ago, DeafDigest mentioned the Washington
City paper misspelling Gallaudet twice in one article,
spelling it as Galludet. Did the newspaper staff learn
its lesson? No, in another Gallaudet story last week, the
spelling was – Galluadet! Some newspaper reporters can’t

— A big telecommunications company hangs up phone on the deaf!

A deaf person needed help with an internet modem and used the
voice telephone to contact the telecommunications company
customer service department. He explained that he is deaf
and to ask that they speak louder and slower on voice.
Instead they hung up on him few times! He had no relay
service to help him. He lives in Zaire, which has no
relay service for the deaf. Who hung up on him? Telkom,
which is the biggest telecommunications company in Africa.
We are lucky that Telkom does not serve us in USA!


— 100 percent full Deaf Accessibility life?

Deaf House. Deaf Space. Deaf Geographies (different
from geography). Deaf Visuals. Deaf-Hearing
Communications, etc. What is this? There is a lecture
this week at University of Edinburgh about 100 percent
Deaf Accessibility – future goal is perfect accessibility
and visual needs for the deaf. Possible or impossible?
Mike Gulliver, a deaf British leader, is giving this lecture.


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