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DeafDigest – 15 March 2013

DeafDigest weekend special edition, March 15, 2013


— deaf enjoying a meal at a nice restaurant

for the deaf and for the hearing, eating experience at a nice
restaurant may be different. Deaf people require menu accessibility,
good lights, ease in communicating with waiters, and perfect vision
lines at dining tables. For the hearing – it often is music!
Background music is important to restaurant owners even though
hearing patrons don’t think about it. If a hearing group leaves
the restaurant in a bad mood, wrong music is blamed! Just different
with the deaf.

— the lucky future deaf major league baseball pitcher

when the famous deaf pitcher Dummy Taylor (1900-1908)
had a bad inning, the manager would come to him on the mound
and communicate in gestures. This year there is a new rule in
Major League Baseball – that an interpreter can come with the
coach to the mound to discuss something with the foreign-language
speaking pitchers (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, etc). This
means a future deaf pitcher can use ASL to communicate with his coach
and the interpreter on the mound during the time out. Taylor was
not so lucky in his days.


— a British telephone company won’t help a deaf man

Derek Newby, a deaf British man, lives in a small town. The telephone
and email communications network crashed in his town. Derek is not
able to use his email to communicate. Hearing neighbors can get by with
cell phones, but Derek cannot. He and the neighbors have complained
to the telephone company, but was told it takes two months to get
the phone line fixed. Derek is very angry. He is 88 years old and
would not be able to contact hospitals, doctors, police for his
medical needs.


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