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DeafDigest – 20 March 2013

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 20, 2013


— noise preventing hard of hearing person from learning ASL?

A hard of hearing person enrolled at a community college to
learn ASL. He dropped out, saying he had a hard time learning
ASL because the classroom noise interfered with his use of
his hearing aid. DeafDigest wonders if it was hearing
students clowning around and making noises behind the back of
the deaf ASL deaf teacher?


— proposed new interpreter bill may scare unlicensed interpreters

many interpreters are not certified. A legislator in Arkansas
has proposed a new bill that would fine $500 for interpreters
without certificates and $1,000 for agencies that hire unqualified
interpreters. Will this bill pass? Just stay tuned!


— Marlee Matlin and these new deaf actors

Marlee Matlin is the most famous deaf actress. Many deaf actors
look up to her. She said many of them ask her in a subtle way
on how to do scenes, but they don’t ask her how to act. She also
said they are proud of their acting skills and that she “has no
right to tell them how to act.”


— a kidnapped deaf boy trapped between two feuding nations

A 14-year old deaf boy, a resident of Sudan, was kidnapped
by the South Sudan fighters last April. They would not release
him to his Sudanese parents. It took a difficult meeting recently
between fighters, tribal leaders and officials of both nations
to agree on peace terms before the deaf boy could be released.
The deaf boy did nothing wrong, but was at the wrong place
at the wrong time.


— deaf character in new movie “Dead Man Down”?

Dead Man Down is a new movie shown in movie houses everywhere.
Isabelle Huppert plays the role of Valentine Louzon, a deaf woman,
in the movie. Yet one movie critic complained that there was
nothing about the character being deaf; she functioned the same
as others in the movie, talking normally. Why describe her
as deaf if she does nothing that a deaf person would do?


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