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DeafDigest – 22 March 2013

DeafDigest special weekend edition, March 22, 2013


— hiring the deaf to work on early day computers

Mary Gospodarek, not deaf, passed away last week. During the fifties,
as a young woman, she operated her own grant-writing business.
Her obituary said that she hired Gallaudet students to work with
computers. They were hired for one reason – noise from big
computers did not bother them. These big computers filled up
big rooms. What did the Gallaudet students do? Did they work on data
entry, or as computer operators or as programmers? Many deaf people
were hired to work on computers – but mostly as data entry operators.

— a sinkhole at a school for the deaf!

heavy rains in the Danville, Kentucky area created a sinkhole on the
property of the Kentucky School for the Deaf. A sinkhole is scary as
we read a story of a man who died, falling into a Florida sinkhole
and could not be rescued. Fortunately the firefighters and the town
public works department came to the school to fill in the sinkhole
– and it is not a threat anymore. The sinkhole was small and about
6 feet deep. It was located at a remote part of the campus, not
near buildings or campus foot traffic.


— the blind helping the deaf

in Oklahoma, a group of blind veterans are being trained to
become relay operators – in order to help deaf veterans
make telephone calls. A big donation from a veteran has made
possible this Veterans Workshop Class for these training classes


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