DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 24, 2014

— a rare job for a deaf person

A Coda was vacationing in Dominican Republic, staying
at a hotel. She learned that the hotel has two deaf
employees, and one of them is a lifeguard! In USA,
we have known of deaf indidivuals wanting to become
lifeguards. Only they have been told the deaf cannot
become lifeguards which leads to job discrimination
lawsuits. Not that so in the Dominican Republic,
which doesn’t even have a ADA to begin with!


— cruelest boxer of all time

Kid McCoy, not deaf, was a pro boxing champion and was
voted as one of a boxing magazine’s 100 greatest
punchers of all time. He was also the cruelest boxer!
He fought a deaf boxer in a 1893 match. During the
fight, McCoy stopped and walked to his corner; the
deaf boxer thought the round has ended. The bell
was never rung, but the deaf boxer didn’t know that.
He walked to his corner and was hit from behind
by McCoy for a knockout. Nearly 55 years later, there
was a new invention – flashing red lights at the
boxing ring corners, to alert all boxers, including
deaf boxers that the round has ended. That invention,
unfortunately didn’t help McCoy’s deaf opponent.


— a new deaf entertainer

The 10th annual Black Choreographers Festival
is taking place right now in San Francisco.
One of the choreographers during the festival
is Antoine Hunter. He is deaf. Choreography
is dance body movements during a musical.
The newspaper said Antoine is a rising star,
giving strong performances.



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