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DeafDigest – 02 June 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 2, 2014


— race between two software companies on ASL to voice

Two companies are racing each other – MotionSavvy and
BabyTaxi. Their goal is to win the race on developing
ASL to voice software. This would allow the deaf to use
ASL which will be converted to voice for the hearing to
communicate with them. BabyTaxi says they are leading
the race. MotionSavvy is saying it is not true. Both
companies are Canadian, not American!


— another new deaf restaurant

We have a few deaf-owned restaurants. Here is another one
in a Texas town, that serves up crepes. This restaurant is
located in a small town, population just under 2,000 people.
Crepes is a popular dish in St Malo, located in the
northwestern France.


— impossible for a deaf person to become a police officer?

We do have a few deaf police officers. How difficult is it
for the deaf to become a police officer? Take Roswell, New
Mexico as an example. Their job description requires a hearing
loss of less than 24 dB in the better ear. Hearing aids or
CI are both not allowed. Some other towns, however, are not
as strict as Roswell.




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