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DeafDigest – 05 June 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 5, 2014



— deaf not permitted to send text messages

It was announced today that Central African Republic has
banned everyone from sending text messages. For the
hearing, they could still send voice messages, but for
the deaf, it cuts off their communication access 100
percent! Why the ban? The nation said it was for
security reasons. Whatever, this ban hurts the deaf.




— hearing aid not allowed during classroom exams

a deaf student was not allowed to wear his hearing
aid during a classroom exam. He and his parents were
very upset and they argued with the school administration.
After a heated discussion, the ban was dropped. Why
the ban in the first place? The administration was
afraid the student could be using Bluetooth inside
his hearing aid to get outside answers to his exam!
Where did this happen? Not in USA, but in India!


— FCC orders captions or else

FCC has just ordered 16 TV producers to caption
their programs or else. They must caption within
90 days. Most of these producers were from churches.
But one producer on the list was interesting –
Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies. We will see what
FCC will do if any of these producers do not caption
within 90 days.




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