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DeafDigest – 11 June 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 11, 2014

— a “Switched at Birth” big hint on June 30th

Super Bowl winner Derrick Coleman will be featured on the
“Switched at Birth” episode on June 30th, but exactly in
what way and what role? There is a hint of a surprise
happening in that episode. What is it? The program
directors are not telling, except to hint that it is a

— a deaf group home on a college campus!

We have group homes for special needs deaf people.
But a group home for the deaf in middle of a college
campus? This will be happening at Springfield College
in Massachusetts. Why? This college has a reputation
for great public service. The college administrators
feel that their caring students would be good for
these deaf residents. Final details are still being
worked out.

— the parole officer and the deaf parolee

In Florida, a parole officer is handling the
case of a deaf parolee. This parolee lives
in a house with other deaf residents. That
house lacks signalling flashers, making it
difficult for the parolee to open the door
for his parole officer. These signalers are
expensive, and no one could afford it.
Fortunately the local Lions organization
learned about it and quickly donated funds
to have signalling flashers installed.



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